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Aggies snap five-game losing, beating CSC


If five straight agonizing losses doesn't make you want to win, then I don't know what does. It seemed to inspire the Aggies on Feb.19th as they jumped out to an early 14-0 lead and held on for a 68-65 victory against the Coppin State College Eagles. Anthon... More »

Aggies snatch three games from Howard


The North Carolina A&T Aggies baseball team has opened their season in a nice way by compiling a 7-5 record. They have also opened up some eyes with their offensive firepower this season, and it was no different on Feb. 17th and 18th in a four game series a... More »

Young Aggies softball team has promise


An abnormally young A&T women's softball team began play this past weekend, and marked the beginning of what could be four years of dominance in the MEAC. When Head Coach Mamie Jones ended last year's season she had a lot of holes to fill. Finishing a good ... More »

Hannibal’ lights up the box office


So you are in the mood to go see something gory and scary. I know what you're looking for is a little guts and blood. Hey why not throw in some cannabalism. But, it's not Halloween -- where are you going to find such a movie? Well the Grand Theatre at Frien... More »

Napster: Who’s being hurt by music-swapping?


It's anarchy on your PC. It's the parasite sucking the life out of the music industry. It's mass theft. It's called Napster, and it's better than ice cream, "Cosby Show" reruns, and finding forgotten money in a coat pocket combined. However, the Record Indu... More »

Biotechnology may help African fields yield more crops


Tahoka. It means bitter water in Apache. It is also the name of a town in the high plains of arid Texas, 40 miles south of Lubbock, Texas, where A&T's Dr. Marihelen Glass grew up. Glass recently returned from the "Enabling Biotechnology for African Agricult... More »

Money tops board session


A speech by a National Merit Scholar and a donation from General Electric topped the regular Board of Trustees meeting, held Feb. 21. Chancellor James Renick introduced National Merit Scholar Nakeisha Watson to the board. Watson is a graduating senior who c... More »

Movie nights restored


Reviving what once was a regular event for the students of N.C. A&T, Chancellor James Renick along with other administrators and students have turned Harrison Auditorium in a theater on Friday nights. On Jan. 26 the university showed "CoyoteUgly" to 125 stu... More »

Change the world, one child at a time


The high-pitched sound of laughter rings through the air, from a child who's barely tall enough to ride roller coasters. The blue, red, yellow and green merry-go-round spins faster and faster. Cries of wonder grow louder and louder, while the black swings g... More »

Jobs are the key for PIW conference


Interviews with corporate representatives highlighted the annual Private Industry Workshop held Feb. 7-9 by the ALOBEAEM accounting society. In an effort to keep Accounting: the Language of Business; the Eyes and Ears of Management, society members discusse... More »

Race team revs up ‘Down Under’


The N.C. A&T motorsports racing team got a taste of Australia and a taste of winning when its members placed third overall in the first annual Australian Formula Society of Automotive Engineers competition. The team competed against a field of eight Austral... More »