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Holiday season brings credit woes


By Shakinta M. JohnstonRegister Staff WriterYou better not shout, you better not cry. You've got no money, but Visa will get you by. Credit cards are marking the town.It's that time again. With a little over 50 days left in the holiday shopping season, most... More »

Evil has many faces


On any other day, I usually don't bother to express my views on the opinion page. Any other day I usually just sit in front of the computer in The Register office to lay out ads in the newspaper, and handle all the money, but last Wednesday was not any othe... More »



Misconception of what Islam stands for has surfaced since the Sept. 11 attacks. The following questions and answers will put in to perspective the purpose and reason for Islam.

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Vets talk dedication at ceremony


By T. J. MooreNews EditorVeterans, families of the deceased and members of the class of 1947 gathered on Nov. 8 to honor past and present military veterans.The Veterans Memorial, located outside of the Student Union was packed with speakers eager to share t... More »

Aggie Essence works hard on new moves, new image


By Trina LoganRegister ContributorWhen you think about school spirit and entertainment, you think of cheerleaders, the A&T Marching Machine and Golden Delight. Do we really ever notice our own dancing troupe "Aggie Essence," which presents hot entertainment... More »

Students receive recognition at conference


Three N.C. A&T students participated in the 31st Annual Conference of the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The conference was held Oct. 11 at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro.The students, all sophomores, are Laveda Casterlow, How... More »

Cafeteria in final stage


By Osen Bowser, Jr.Register ComtributorWilliams Cafeteria, which has been closed for 13 months, will reopen in March after the renovation project is complete. The project costs $10.1 million and is being managed by Andy Perkins, university engineer.Williams... More »

Students find shopper’s delight in Plato’s closet


By Carrina M. RichmondRegister ContributorAre you tired of spending excessive amounts of money on name-brand clothing? Are you annoyed at all the extra gear in your wardrobe that you no longer wear? There is a simple solution to your dilemma called Plato's ... More »

20 questions


By Dijon Rolle1. How many people actually got into the classes that they wanted? Can you say, "Thank the lord for online registration"?2. How many of us still don't know who their advisor is and don't care since we registered online anyway?3. Which of the f... More »