“All About the Benjamins” proves to be all that

Ice Cube and Mike Epps lead the way in the New Line Cinema film “All About the Benjamins.” The film is also directed by Ice Cube himself.Now I must admit, I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy this movie from the start. It wasn’t because of the plot or the cast. More so because it’s a short movie. When I go to the movies, I want to go for a few hours as opposed to an hour and 30 minutes. Sometimes I find that shorter movies tend to rush just to get to the climax or just to fit in every point that they are trying to make.My opinion after the movie was completely different and it proved to me that I shouldn’t under-estimate short-running movies.From the start, the movie is filled with action and comedy. It stars Ice Cube as Bucum Jackson and Epps as Reggie Wright. Bucum is a bounty hunter in Miami who has had past run-ins with Reggie. While trying to take Reggie in for avoiding court appearances, the two find themselves in a bind that leads can them both to the “Benjamins.” They become partners and then the action and excitement begins.Epps, of course, has the comedic role in the film and his comedy will keep you laughing throughout the entire movie. He and Ice Cube make a good pair, just as good as or better than their joint performance in the “Friday” sequal.Ice Cube plays a more up-tight type of character with a hard shell about himself and doesn’t like to say much about his personal life. By the end of the movie, Epp’s character pulls a little sensitivity out of Ice Cube’s character and causes him to reveal personal things about himself.Also starring in the movie are Eva Mendes, Tommy Flanagan and Carmen Chaplin.Overall, the movie is great and Ice Cube has definitely made a name for himself in the director’s chair as well as in the starring role. As of March 21, the movie held the number six slot on the box office charts and had also raked in over $17 million.From The Register, the movie gets an overall rating of *****. Take our word for it and go see it for yourself. It will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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