Are today’s athletes greedier than ever?

Athletes in today’s sports are bigger, stronger and more athletic. In fact, they are arguably more gifted, but there looms a large cloud above many of them. It’s simply because many of them are greedy. Contracts today are at its highest point ever, so why are athletes so quick to complain about how much they make? Just recently, the NFL’s New York Giants had a problem with one of their star players. Michael Strahan, new owner of the NFL sack record, turned down a proposed contract offer of seven years that would pay him $58 million, including $17 million in the next two seasons. Strahan’s excuse? He felt that the Giants weren’t making the moves to win, but keep in mind that he initially asked for more money. Alex Rodriguez, the Texas Rangers superstar acquisition in 2001, got a contract that’ll make many people cry tears of joy. His contract of 10 years and $252 million makes him the highest paid athlete in the history of sports. Sure he’s a star and very gifted, but is he worth that kind of money? Is anyone? Hey, he makes more over the 10 years than the $250 million that the team is worth! Now you have just the average athletes asking for more money than they’re worth.Are athletes of these days truly playing for the love and passion for the game or is it about those benjamins?

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