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The end of the year is here and my time at "The A&T Register" has come to an end after two years. I would like to thank the Department of Journalism & Mass Communications for their support and allowing me to serve the university. I've seen changes made in o... More »

TIME’ for change


Almost six weeks after the alleged rape of an exotic dancer by Duke Lacrosse players, A&T students are joining together with NCCU for positive change.

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Q&A with Coach Fobbs


Darrick Ignasiak: One of your players has said that the practices are fun. How have you made your practices fun?Lee Fobbs: It is a game. Sometimes we as coaches and fans, we tend to forget that at this level. In my mind, in... More »

A few words from those movin’ on


Being of sound mind and body, I hereby leave my books and studies to everyone left at A&T. To my li'l cuz/ sista Sheena Monroe, I leave my ability to select the easiest professors for each course. To DUBBS I leave you the ability to handle one more semester... More »

Fueling the fire 2: Controlling the flames


I must first recognize those readers who were offended or even lost as to the purpose of this article's prerequisite. In the case of both articles it is imperative that you analyze them in their entirety. In clearing the air, I iterate that the stereotypes,... More »

Too bad, today’s children missed the good ‘ol days


Guess Who? Go Fish! Connect Four. Candy Land. Uno. Sorry. Clue. Operation. Crocodile Dentist. Chutes & Ladders. Scrabble. UpWord. Monopoly. Battleship. Life. Jenga. Pick-Up Stix. Jax & marbles. Play-Doh. Nickelodeon Gak. Creepy Crawlers. Stretch Armstrong. ... More »