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Are you one of the victims?


Freshmen are faced with the challenge of not gaining the "freshman 15." This conception predicts that many freshmen will gain at least 15 pounds during their first year of study at the college or university of their choice.Many A&T students battle with this... More »

A&T campus police earn CALEA accreditation


A&T's Department of Police and Public Safety has earned accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Inc. (CALEA); it is the first historically black university to achieve this.Lt. Barry Black has many titles under his bel... More »

Harrison Auditorium re-opens after two-year renovation


A&T's Harrison Auditorium has been re-opened after a two-year renovation.Closed for renovation since 2004, Harrison Auditorium was once home to an assortment of student programs and performances.In 2006, Harrison Auditorium will continue to house musical pe... More »

Dunwoody’s mentoring program meant well


It has never been my style to cause controversy; it should have been obvious that it would happen when I uncovered information about a possible NCAA rule infraction committed by the former men's tennis program.

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Want some “Food and Liquor” with Fiasco?


With the airwaves over flowing with lean wit' it, rock wit' it rhythms, the rap game has lacked the one thing that has characterized its existence since day one, "realness." Music has gone bubblegum, and until Jay's return in November, there is this young c... More »

Famed drama to be performed at A&T


A&T's school of theatre has decided to present to the Greensboro community and Aggies their fall production "Dreamgirls."Reigning for ten years on Broadway, Dreamgirls is roaring with talent and is definitely entertaining. The story is about the rise and fa... More »

Economics: not just about the economy


If I told you that your loan of $2,000 would cost $3,000 next year, would you be concerned? What if I told you that if you give me $700 now, in a year I will pay you back $1,000 - would this interest you? Finally, if I told you that the starting salary of $... More »

Aggies weigh in on age-old debate


On Sept. 20, the Pan Hellenic Council held a forum to allow students and faculty to discuss the impact and changes of the "N" word.This was a chance for the student body to educate themselves on the nature of the word and how it is perceived now versus how ... More »