October 17th, 2006

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What a difference a year makes…kinda


It's been over a year since A&T last won a football game, the Aggies are on the longest losing streak in school history (currently 11 in a row) signs of ending that streak haven't been seen so far, so let's look back at how the world was on Oct. 8, 2005 whe... More »

Blacks in reality TV perpetuate stereotypes


As drama queen New York told fellow contestant Bootz on "Flavor of Love" Season Two, "You're clicking . . . but you're clicking down." That's the state of reality television shows featuring blacks.Flavor Flav on "Flavor of Love." "Many of today's black real... More »

Opinions – not just for the opinionated!


In the Sept. 27 issue of The Register, I wrote an opinion piece that I thought wouldn't really go much further than A&T-but turns out, it went way beyond this university. The piece was about the whole drama involving the girl nicknamed "Krazy" on VH1's late... More »

Misunderstanding Africa leads to discrimination


Yes, I know you might never have dropped in on the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the deserts of North Africa. You may not have visited the astounding Kenyan wildlife nor seen the breathtaking Yankari Game Reserve in Nigeria.The hills and valleys o... More »

Homecoming is here again


Capturing the essence of homecoming through pictures of past homecoming games, crowds, parades and excitement; featured: A&T football team, cheerleaders, and Saniya Shine.

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