Greek Show


On Friday, Oct. 20, A&T held it’s 80th Step Show hosted by the well-known alumnus Terrence Jenkins from 106 & Park with co-host Travis.

The show opened up with entertainers like DJ UNK, who was followed by comedian Tone X, who had the crowd laughing and Freeway from Rockefella, who threw down with four of his best hits that got the crowd hyped.

“Basically, I thought overall that the step show lacked creativity,” said Patrice Withers, business Solution alumni from Verizon. “During a lot of the acts, the show didn’t keep the crowd’s interest, the performers were more entertaining.”

Zeta Phi Beta was the first Greeks to show their act, with American Top Model as the theme. Next were the Alpha’s, with the Aggie football team theme, followed by the Delta’s whose theme was Ike and Tina Turner, which won first place.<.p>

“I was very excited that we won,” alumna Denada Jackson said. “The show was hot and classic, but the Ques and Sigmas were really good. I just wanted to see more from the other Greeks.”

The Que’s took the crowd back to the days of slavery and the Iota’s showed their talent with singing and rapping. The AKA’s preformed Tomb Raider, climbing a rock to seek out the precious pearl.

“This year’s step show was very entertaining with the celebrities,” said public relations major Alana Allan. “It was much better than the past three years.”

The Sigmas came out with the Fresh Prince theme.

As time progressed, many Greek organizations evolved, giving students the opportunity to express themselves freely. They are excellent networking organizations that offer college students a second family and offer opportunities to be a part of the community.

“The step show was a success,” said senior public relations major Jasmine Fisher.

Each year the Greeks who win receive a trophy and a check. The trophy will be placed in the archive.

“I really enjoyed the show,” said Lucretia Long, from the Treasurer’s office. “I think the Deltas and Sigmas did good; seeing the crowd react to the different Greeks performance was interesting.”

  • Kishaa Dosunmu
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