“To hell and back” in one lecture:


This past Monday started like any other school day for me. It was the Monday after homecoming and I assumed that it would be a very average day, considering that all of the excitement and action on campus took place on last week. But boy was I wrong. At the end of the day, I got all of the action that I needed to last me for the rest of this semester and then some. The funniest thing about the entire situation was that all of the action occurred in the place where I felt that it would be the least likely to happen…in the classroom.The problem all started a couple of weeks ago when our teacher assigned a group assignments that the class had about a week and a half to complete. On the day that it was due, many of the students did not show up to class on time because they were finishing up their assignments at the last minute. When the professor arrived to class and found that only a handful of students were there, he promptly cancelled the class and left.The next day that class resumed, many students noticed a change in the attitude of the professor. For one, he started giving out daily quizzes, which he did not inform students of, which made the already-upset class angrier.But the breaking point to all of the semester-long frustrations between the students and professor occurred this past Monday when the class literally “went to hell and back.”On Monday, we once again started class with a quiz as usual, but as class proceeded, something did catch me by surprise. I noticed that a lot of students had gone up to talk to the professor about grades. At that exact moment, a friend of mine in the class sent me a text message asking what my grade was. I was curious as to why he was asking me this. Last I knew, I had an A average, but boy was I surprised, it had dropped three letters.I came to find out that the majority of the students in our class had received some less than impressive mid-term grades. After we had turned our quiz in, the free-for-all began.The professor complained that he had to start giving us daily quizzes because he felt that the students had become too lazy and only treated the class as an easy elective.Of course, that statement angered many of the students and only added more fuel to the fire.He then began to accuse that the majority of class of acting like high school students and admitted that the class had become a job for him to come to and teach on a daily basis.By this point, students were making any and all kinds of excuses to justify their behavior and performance in the class. Then the next few minutes were like one big blur. To be blunt, there was a lot of cursing, a lot of yelling and a lot of other things that should never be said in a classroom setting.The professor started telling the class that we needed to get on our stuff and before anyone knew it, two females in class started to argue over the points that the teacher was making. It got so bad that the teacher and other students had to verbally calm them down before any real violence ensued, and to cap everything off, our teacher finally dismissed the class but not before making a few more controversial statements.You may ask what is the point of this story? Is it to make the professor look bad?No. If I wanted him to look bad, then I could have easily mentioned his name, but I have way too much respect for him to do something like that. This article was also not writtento vent out any frustrations. For one, I am not one of the students that he was addressing.I come to class everyday and do my work and am always attentive, and I am not the only one. For every student that misbehaves and acts like a disrespectful jerk in class, there are just as many who show up and do what they are supposed to do.This story is being written to remind the professor that even though what he did may have seemed a bit (OK, a lot) unprofessional, he had every right to say how he felt. If he wants to give us a quiz everyday for the rest of the semester, then that is OK.At the end of the day, it is his class and he has the right to do what he wants.Students need to remember that even though we are in college, there are still basic rules that we must abide by. If a teacher is giving a lecture or addressing the class in general, then you should not be talking, period. If you have a question to ask then you raise your hand. If there is something that you do not agree with, then you should take it up with the teacher after class, in a civilized manner.I regret that any of the events that transpired this past Monday ever happened inthe first place.Things should have never gotten to the point where a respected professor, especially one that holds a Ph. D., should have had to react in that manner.At the same time, it is a shame that the majority of the students that were showing disrespect in class on that day will probably come back having not learned anything from their actions on that day. And that is the real shame of what went on in class on that memorable day.

  • Jeuron Dove
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