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A&T End of Semester Paper Trail


The semester has come to an end, now what will you do with all of those papers, projects, posters, and non-returnable books? Reduce, reuse, and recycle them! Many students don't take an initiative to utilize their resources in order to recycle, but with the... More »

Swine flu epidemic hits the U.S.


MEXICO CITY (AP) — The swine flu epidemic crossed new borders Tuesday with the first cases confirmed in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, as world health officials said they suspect American patients may have transmitted the virus to others in th... More »

20 Questions April 29 issue


1. Are you ready for school to be over too? 2. Isn't this gonna be the longest week ever? 3.Should Beyonce just give up acting altogether?  4. You got that swine flu yet? 5. Are you going to the white party?  6. Both of them?  7. Did your outfit cost more t... More »

President Obama to allow travel, money transfers to Cuba


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is allowing Americans to make unlimited trips and money transfers to family in Cuba and easing other restrictions Monday to usher in a new era of openness toward the island nation ruled by communists for 50 years.More »

20 Questions April 15 issue


1. What's up with designer wife beaters? 2.  Why is Kanye on trial for a misdemeanor? 3. If you're going to be the best rapper do you still need to be a felon? 4. How many real hustlers do you know at A&T? 5.  Have you ever seen anyone trying to dance while... More »

Letter to the A&T Register


It has come to my attention that private student loan companies are forcing Congress and America to choose between providing a new direction to help all of us achieve the American dream and subsidizing those companies that have taken advantage of college st... More »

Obama sets new housing plan


WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is expected to announce Tuesday that it is expanding its plan to stem the housing crisis by offering mortgage lenders incentives to lower borrowers' bills on second mortgages.

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