Practical upgrades pay off in kitchens and bathrooms

(ARA) – Practical pays off when it comes to kitchen and bath renovations. Gone are the days when virtually every kitchen or bathroom remodel involved top-of-the-line luxury upgrades and a budget big enough to fund an Ivy League education. Today’s homeowners want more value for their remodeling dollars, and that means turning to improvements that make both functional and fiscal sense.

Kitchen, bath renovations remain tops, but go lean and green

(ARA) – When it comes to adding value and enjoyment to your home, kitchen and bath remodels still remain tops, remodeling and real estate experts say. But how people remodel is changing. High-end renovations, costing tens of thousands of dollars, are dwindling, replaced by upgrades that provide homeowners with the most return for the least investment.


El asistente médico es la cura del “síndrome de la bata blanca”

(ARA) – Independientemente de la importancia de visitar al médico para hacernos chequeos regulares o cuando estamos enfermos, para muchos el simple hecho de entrar en una consulta es una especie de tortura mental. Ya sea por la temible posibilidad de una larga espera, o por un ataque intenso de ansiedad con sudor en las manos y palpitaciones, el “síndrome de la bata blanca” puede ser un problema debilitante.

Enjoy a natural high when you visit South Carolina’s Low Country

(ARA) – When singer Garth Brooks crooned about his “friends in low places,” he probably wasn’t thinking about South Carolina’s Low Country. But visitors to the state’s Low Country region will find charming villages, fascinating history, exotic landscapes and the signature southern hospitality that makes guests feel that they do, indeed, have friends in low places.


Jamaica vacations are nothing but fun

Steel drums, a delicious taste of pawpaw (papaya) mixed with jerk chicken, crystal blue waters teeming with colorful fish darting around and colorful island ambiance all mean one thing – “Welcome to Jamaica, mon!”


Food and wine: How to create a perfect marriage

(ARA) – Weddings are one of life’s most celebrated occasions. For brides- and grooms-to-be and their families, an incredible amount of creativity and planning is poured into this all-important day: from the wedding gown to the ceremony, from the invitations and flowers to the wedding cake itself. One of the most-remembered details is what guests are served, so the wedding menu should reflect the couple-to-be’s unique style and personality.


North Carolina vacations highlight classic Americana

International visitors to the U.S. are often enchanted by the diversity of landscapes and natural beauty that embody the country – in virtually every state. From breathtaking mountains to glorious beaches, serene woodlands to wetlands teeming with life, many American states afford visitors the chance to fully experience Mother Nature’s rich complexity and creativity.


Confident style: How to express your true inner beauty

(ARA) – Your appearance – from what you wear, to how you style your hair, to how you carry yourself – sends a message to the outside world. When you exude confident style, that message stays consistent across all of your style “personalities,” going from your work attire to your casual outfits to your most glammed-up evening wear.


Portland Oregon vacations are a one-of-a-kind experience

A highly creative streak colors just about everything in Portland, Ore. The city is well known as a place with a progressive attitude, which is reflected in its civic commitments to being green, and its population’s devotion to being one of the top biking cities in the country (they have the highest percentage of bike commuters).