Skin care benefits overall health for seniors

(ARA) – Taking care of your skin undoubtedly has its cosmetic benefits, but more significantly, it also plays a large role in overall health – particularly for seniors. When there is dry skin, discoloration, wounds, rashes, bruises or other injuries, people are immediately aware something is wrong on the outside and maybe even on the inside. Keeping aging skin healthy allows it to offer protection from environmental harms and infections as well as produce important vitamins.


Consejos para detectar y evitar estafas en compras o ventas por Internet

(ARA) – La Internet se ha convertido en el sitio idóneo para hacer múltiples cosas: comprar, entrar en contacto con amistades, informarse y disfrutar de juegos, entre otras. Sin embargo, es importante que los consumidores estén conscientes de que la Internet también está dándoles nueva vida a numerosas estafas comunes.

Expert design tips that will get your landscape in shape

(ARA) – The chill of winter winds might have you wishing for the first buds of spring, but garden lovers don’t need to let the cold season get them down. In fact, this can be the ideal time to start planning your landscape for spring and summer. Leaving the work until the last minute, when plants are starting to push up through the ground, will only delay your enjoyment. So harness your excitement for spring and prepare a plan with some expert help.


Wedding budget tips for the savvy bride

There are no two ways about it: Weddings are expensive. And no matter what, budgeting will be a major part of your wedding plans. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have the wedding of your dreams, though. It simply means that you need to be smart about where your dollars are going, weighing the value of each element of the budget.


Study reveals a cleaner, healthier home leads to a happier mom

(ARA) – Taking care of the family and home is a main priority for moms; however, what they don’t often admit is that 68 percent enjoy cleaning their homes. According to the Scrubbing Bubbles Dirty Work Index, a comprehensive national study; more than half of women (55 percent) also clean to control germs and keep the home healthy. In addition, it was discovered that women today clean for their own emotional well-being and benefit.


Impulse su salud financiera en el 2011 cambiando su dinero suelto

(ARA) – Ajustarse con más eficiencia a un presupuesto es una resolución común de Año Nuevo, pero una de las más difíciles de cumplir. Pero la salud financiera en el 2011 es más importante que nunca para numerosas familias estadounidenses que siguen lidiando con los efectos negativos de la crisis económica.

Demand for occupational therapy assistants growing

(ARA) – Many unemployed workers and new high school graduates are enrolling in higher education programs in hopes of gaining a competitive edge in today’s uncertain marketplace. Before choosing an area of study, it helps to do a little research on the prospects of employment after graduation.


Resolutions for your small business this year

Many people look for ways to improve their lifestyle in the New Year. It’s also a good time to reflect on ways you can make your business more vital in 2011. As you close out your year-end finances, take the time to do a little brainstorming to think about things you can do better or smarter in the coming year.


New scams to watch for as you shop on the Internet

(ARA) – The Internet has become a great place to do a lot of things: go shopping, socialize with friends, stay informed and play games, to name just a few. However, it’s important for consumers to be aware that the Internet is also giving new life to a lot of common scams.

Smart shopping on the Web starts with return policies

Even for those who remember when it was a novelty, online shopping has become the new norm. Long gone are the days when people were wary of buying from websites – retailers have worked hard to make the process secure, and record sales are proving that customers appreciate the effort. But since online shopping is now the status quo, buyers are looking to get a little more value when they hit the Web to make purchases.