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Be your own advocate: Get the information you need


(ARA) - Getting a diagnosis of any kind of cancer can be frightening. One of the first things many patients do is learn everything they can about their illness, including what options for disease management and treatment are available. This can be challengi... More »

Perfectly polished and protected: pedicure tips


(ARA) - Pastel pink, pretty pink or hot pink? Some pedicure decisions change with the season, but others, including the tools and methods used to perform a pedicure should remain constant. A safely performed pedicure, either at home or in the salon, is esse... More »

The dos and don’ts of an effective resume


(ARA) - In today's highly competitive job market, millions of people are preparing resumes in an effort to find employment. Before jumping headlong into a job search, it is important to consider the type of information that is appropriate to include on your... More »