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How can the majority of Americans be so wrong?


You've probably heard plenty of criticisms of American suburbia over the years. This has been going on for quite a while. During the "Mad Men" era a half-century ago, new suburbs were routinely skewered by opinion leaders as insufferably dull, populated by ... More »

Omega Psi Phi Correction


In the Nov. 16 issue of The A&T Register a mistake was made in the Omegas celebrate 100 years of brotherhood article. It listed one of their Cardinal Principles as unity when it is actually uplift. All of their Cardinal Principels include manhood, scholarsh... More »

A & T Register


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Blackboard gets upgrade


Starting Dec. 5 students will be able to get help with Blackboard via the new Blackboard Help Desk Support service. It will provide support 24 hours a day for students, faculty, and staff. Through toll-free telephone calls, live chat tools, web support form... More »