20 Questions

1. Did you go see LeToya Luckett last Thursday?

2. Could we not afford to get Kelly or Michelle?

3. When does India. Arie?

4. Will you be attending this “Justice” party for Trayvon Martin tonight at Bentley’s?

5. Free before 11 with a bag of skittles right?

6. Do they have to be ‘original’ flavor or would ‘wild berry’ work?

7. Did you get a fresh hoodie to wear?

8. How ignorant can we be as a people?

9. Have you voted?

10. Nevermind, did you know SGA elections are postponed? 11. Why?

12. Aren’t you ready for the fake people to stop harassing you for votes?

13.Weren’t you ready to get some free food today?

14. Can Monday just get here so we can get this over with?

15. Since we’re not voting today are you hype for the Battle of the Hometowns dodge ball game?

16. You didn’t know BAttle of the Hometowns was back this week?

17. Or are you one of those poeople who don’t have a hometown club?

18. Does it suck to be an Aggie from Texas, New Orleans, or Florida?

19. If the people from down the street and around the corner can have a club (Triad Aggies) why don’t you?

20. Hows ‘hell week’ going for some of you?

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20 Questions

1. Are you still blaming it on “Spring Break”?

2. You know that was over two weeks ago?

3. Did you know Spring began yesterday?

4. Did you know cuffing season is over?

5. Do you find yourself all of a sudden listening to a lot of Adele?

6. Have you seen your girlfriend going to class half-naked?

7. Do you attend “Wild Out Wednesday”?

8. Do you not know what that is either?

9. Would you take your man to the strip club?

10. Are girls still going to class in their club attire? 11. How many non-students have you seen on campus?

12. How many of you are depressed over your March Madness brackets?

13. Duke fans still on suicide watch?

14. How many grown women were screaming for Diggy Simmons in the cafe?

15. Seniors, how many of you are suffering from senioritis?

16. Do you even want a cure?

17. Did you know probates are outside this year?

18. Was that supposed to be a secret?

19. Are you concerned about this year’s SGA ballot?

20. Are you even going to vote?

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