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Financial crisis threatens 401(k)s


WASHINGTON — As the father of two college-age kids, Rob Harris knew that finding money to pay soaring tuition costs wasn’t going to be easy. Reluctant to saddle himself or his children with loans, the 55-year-old product development manager from Kansas City... More »

N.C. colleges should focus on job skills


RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Gov. Pat McCrory said Tuesday he’s determined to get North Carolina’s public university system to focus on teaching what’s useful in terms of getting a job and criticized an “educational elite” for offering courses in subjects such as g... More »

20 Questions


1. Did you all hear about the Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fight? 2. Was it really over a parking space? 3. Who do you have money on to win a rematch? 4. Don’t you think both of them are soft? 5. Speaking of soft, is Rick Ross still a boss after getting shot... More »