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Black History Month


Thomas Aldrige Johnson was one of the first African-American journalists to work as a foreign correspondent for a major daily newspaper. Johnson wrote for “Newsday” and “The New York Times” as their first African-American journalist.

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20 questions


1. Did anyone notice our very own A&T’s catfish is back on campus? 2. How could you show your face again? 3. Are you “feeling better?” 4. What about this crazy weather? 5. How many of you are sick from trying to be cute on the ONE day it was 72 degrees? 6. ... More »

Parker gets raving review


            “Parker”, starring Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham, the new action and crime film based on novels written by Donald Westlake hit theaters on Jan. 25, 2013. You have probably seen Jason Statham in “The Transporter”, “Death Race”, “The expendable... More »

Who are you routing for in this year’s SuperBowl?


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