Aggies and poets

The 2013 Aggies n Poets was a great turn out with a heated crowd. The Memorial Student Union was full to capacity before the doors were open. Hundreds of students stood in and outside of the union impatient and irritated. With the high volume of students and other spectators that came out there was a bit of a riot when the doors did not open at 8:40 pm as stated on the flyer. Patrick Malichi, SGA said, “I had mixed emotions but I am very happy for the turn out, people still are supporting.” Doors did not open until 9:20pm and when they did the crowd went wild with pushing and shoving that led to a lot of people not being able to get in even when they were there 45 minutes prior to the event starting. “The pushing and shoving could have been avoided” said Kaila Tanksley, junior agricultural economics major from Alexandria, Virginia.


Senior class proves 13 is not such an unlucky number

It almost seems as though the senior’s of 2013 stepped through the gold and blue doors of Aggie Land yesterday. With the younger generation often being called “misguided”, “scattered”, and “unpromising,” there is also another side to that coin in such that the young adults of this generation are expediently making leaps beyond those of their wildest dreams.

20 Questions

1. Have you seen the dorm room remix to “Body Party?” 2. Isn’t that in Pride Hall? 3. Who recorded this? 4. Isn’t she in Verge?


I’m going to miss it, but BYYYE

It is crazy how just yesterday I was moving into my dorm in Barbee Hall, and now I am giving my final words to the university, as I am embark to graduation on May 11. It has been a tremendous time here at N.C. A&T. To be honest, I am happy to graduate but so sad that I am leaving the university as an undergrad and moving into alum.