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Ukraine’s leader seeking consensus


KIEV, Ukraine — Hoping to reach a consensus that would heal some of Ukraine’s wounds, the country’s acting president on Tuesday delayed the seating of an interim government for at least two days, even as opposition colleagues appealed to the Hague criminal ... More »

Health advisory We’re all going to be much sicker


LOS ANGELES _ With much of the country still suffering through a record cold snap, it’s hard to think about global warming. But this horrific winter is the “weather on steroids” that climate scientists have been predicting for decades in which hotter days g... More »

Mexican drug lord caught


CULIACAN, Mexico — Almost as soon as Sinaloa Cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, reputedly the head of one of the world’s largest crime syndicates, was captured after a 13-year manhunt, young drug dealers began campaigns to take his place _ a sign that t... More »



1. The Career Fair? 2. Chicken and waffles in the cafe? 3. Miami for Spring Break? 4. Everybody hitting the gym the week before break? 5. Nobody in the gym the week after? 6. Seeing the same swimsuits at the beach? 7. Seeing your entire class? 8. Teachers g... More »

White House names two students as HBCU All-Stars


Webster’s Dictionary defines an all-star as a performer who is famous or very skillful; outstanding performers or participants. According to the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (WHIHBCU), North Carolina A&T State Unive... More »

Justices deny two NRA appeals


WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has turned down a pair of Second Amendment appeals lodged by the National Rifle Association, keeping in place laws that restrict those under 21 years old from buying or carrying a handgun.

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