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Climate Change Forces Major Decisons


James Boyce – Los Angeles Times: At the latest round of international climate talks this month in Lima, Peru, melting glaciers in the Andes and recent droughts provided a fitting backdrop for the negotiators’ recognition that it is too late to prevent cl... More »

Black Health: Tips on Living a Healthy Life


Naomi Nance – Register Reporter: February is National Heart Awareness Month, a national effort to bring awareness of heart disease and the many things that can lead to its development. This month is dedicated to educate the general public in hopes to pre... More »

Black Sexuality


Meagan Jordan – Editor-In-Chief: My mother thinks I am hypersexual because I get tested every three to six months for sexually transmitted diseases; a routine I committed myself to follow after one of my closest friends was diagnosed with HIV. More »

What Guys Really Expect from the Holiday


Dominique Moody – Register Reporter: Is Valentine’s Day strictly set up for the mesmerizing women of the world? Have we fallen prey to society’s ideal perceptions of what Valentine’s Day should be about? Before you’re so quick to turn the page, let’s dis... More »

Does Social Media Presence Truly Reflect a Person?


Stephanie Benaci – Register Contributor : Last weekend I went on a date. Everything was perfect: we shared the same values; we both have an extreme sense of humor, but one thing the person said made me step back. While discussing what type of music we bo... More »

Students Show Disrespect Towards Professors


Laci Ollison & Colby Boone – Word Editor & Register Contributor: Oftentimes we put in perspective the issues that directly affect our personal lives as well as the student body. Rarely do we take into consideration the actions and situations that... More »