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Disorderly Behavior in Greek Organizations


Ashley Nwagbara – Register Contributor: A fire has started across the United States involving Fraternities and their hazing, degradation, and racism against individuals of different sexes, ethnic groups or religions. More »

Campus Elections: Candidates’ Real Motive


Laci Ollison & Isaiah Magett – Word Editor & Contributor: Guys are passing out flowers. Girls that would once give me dirty looks now run cheerfully up to me and shove candy in my face. People that wouldn’t even glance in my direction are now tak... More »

Presidential Candidates Delay Campaign Launch


Nancy Benac – Associated Press: Most U.S. presidential candidates really don’t want to spend nearly two years bowing and scraping to voters and campaign donors. Most voters sure don’t want to hear about the presidential race for anywhere near that long. ... More »