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What’s Next for the Last of the Dying Breed


North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University is known for its excellence both in and out of the classroom. This same excellence and persistence is also demonstrated in on-campus clubs and extracurricular activities that many students support.... More »

The Current Absence of Black Television


My self-image and perception of blackness was shaped by the television shows I was exposed to in my early childhood. During the early 90’s respectable black families and positive role models had a strong presence on television. However, negative images of blac... More »

‘Formation’ Continues to Catch Controversy


Beyoncé shocked the world when she dropped her surprise album on December 13, 2013. Two days before the Super Bowl, Beyoncé shocked the world once again with a song and a video that spoke volumes to the African-American community. More »


Netflix & Chill


As the day of love, sex and romance quickly approaches, men and women everywhere are trying to figure out how they will spend their Valentine’s Day. Some people will go to the movies and others out for dinner. However, many college students who often ball on a... More »