Black Girls Rock program honors students and faculty


In an effort to showcase extraordinary women on North Carolina A&T State University’s campus, The Ladies of Excellence hosted their very own Black Girls Rock program.


The Ladies of Excellence is an organization whose purpose is to promote business etiquette, professionalism, and leadership in womanhood while giving back to the community. The event had an atmosphere similar to the annual BET award show, Black Girls Rock.


Women across campus were recognized for their amazing accomplishments. The Ladies of Excellence wanted individuals to realize how important it is for black women to know how magical they are, even if the world doesn’t readily adopt this notion.


The Black Girls Rock program honored Jasmine Davis, a marketing student, Kayla Harris, a biology student, Chantal Fleming, a faculty member,  as well as Haleigh Redmon and Cortni Mckenzie, founders of Just Bee Empowerment Group. All of these ladies exude what it means to be a black girl who rocks! They have done excellent work in their academics, volunteerism, and activism.


Jasmine Davis, a senior marketing student, is a Gates Millennium Scholar and has maintained a 4.0 GPA during her time here at North Carolina A&T. She has participated in many organizations on campus and recently received the university award for academic excellence from Chancellor Martin. “My biggest piece of advice to women is to set goals and be bold,” said Davis. With graduation approaching, Jasmine is leaving A&T to accomplish each and every goal she has resolved to achieve since entering college in 2012.


Chantal Fleming, a 1982 graduate of A&T and now faculty member at A&T has spent the past eleven years working in education and helping first generation college students. Ms. Fleming is dedicated to giving back to students, just like her mentors gave back to her.


Kayla Harris, an honors junior biology student, became the first student to establish a farmer’s market at North Carolina A&T in order to bring healthier foods to campus. Kayla encourages young women to be passionate about their goals. “It’s okay to go out of your comfort zone because that’s what life is about,” Harris said.


“If everyone could become motivated to overcome any adversities and help others with their adversity, I think that would be great and my mission will be complete,” said Courtni Mckenzie.  Haleigh Redmon and Courtni Mckenzie are the co-founders of the Just Bee Empowerment Group. Haleigh Redmon is a junior mathematics student from Opelika, AL, and Courtni Mckenzie is a junior psychology student from Columbia, SC. Both girls are dedicated to empowering young people and educating them on the importance of self-love. Just Bee’s mission is to strengthen the local community by investing in young women of color.


“My main goal for this program was to let students on campus know that the African American women who rock are just like us, not only does Oprah Winfrey rock but girls on our own campus rock and they are doing extraordinary things while making a difference in the world,” said Sikera Alston, who serves as President for Ladies of Excellence.

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