Inside the Locker Room : Football Edition



By Janay Boone 

Managing Editor 


Fun Facts:

1. Name: Jeremy Taylor

2. Major: Computer Engineering

3. Classification: RedShirt-Junior

4. Spare-Time Activites: Fellowshipping with my Fraternity Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

6. Favorite NFL Team: Carolina Panthers

7. Motto: Consistency. “The true sign of a champion, is someone that can repeat his/her performance day in and day out. Not just sometimes.” – Coach Broadway. I believe that we as a team must get better everyday we come out; in the weight room, on the practice field, and in the classroom, only way that can happen consistency.”

The year 2012 was said to be the coming out party for linebacker, Jeremy Taylor. In that contest, Taylor recorded a career-high of 19 tackles (15 solo) in that game to hold the Panthers to three second-half points, and he helped lead his team to a 28-16 come-from-behind win.  Fast forward six years later, the redshirt junior from Kinston, N.C., is performing at a higher level earning the FCS Stats defensive player of the week. 

With his recent success on and off the field, we take a closer look at Taylor’s journey through the Aggie football program and his plans for a winning season.

JB: Coming onto the football field, you were a walk-on, did you ever think you would be awarded a scholarship?

How much work did you put in practice and games to get to where you are now?

JT: When I was being recruited and the football program expressed to me they wanted me as a preferred walk-on instead of a scholarship athlete, that sparked my hustle to earn it. I then was told the only opportunity to earn a scholarship is my performance on the field and during camp. While having to pay for school and knowing football was one way I would be able to pay for school, that was my drive.

JB: Going into the game against Kent State, you guys were pretty underrated, as a team, how did you all prepare for the game? As a team we knew that facing Kent would have to come with more focus and effort, being that they are in a different conference, as well as a higher division university. We knew we had the talent and potential to become an awesome team and going against this team we had the chance to shock the world and make a statement.

JB: In the game against Kent State, you led the team with 15 tackles, 12/15 unassisted, 4 pass breakups, 2 sacks, and 2 turnovers. During the tackle and ball steal against Kent State’s QB that pushed the ball to you guys at the 38 yd. line in the 2nd quarter, take me to that moment. This was essentially the point in the game that gave you all the upper hand. What was going on in your head at that time?

JT: I knew at that time we were in a tough situation and for us to dodge that situation we had to get the offense ball back. I saw my opportunity when I took notice of how loose the QB was carrying the ball. I knew I had a great angle to make a play for my team. One thing we say at practice, “Big time players, make big time plays, in big time situations!” I feel I did just that for my team.

JB: Being the FCS national defensive player of the week and later being named the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference conference player of the week, how much of an honor is this?

JT:It’s a great honor and blessing that I received this award. I thank God first for giving me the ability and gift to play football and play well. I never expected to get the award. I was just trying to have a stand out game and play with no regrets because everyone isn’t given the opportunity to play.

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