The Story Behind Tedo And His Inspiration


By: Patrick Battle


There are many Aggies who are known for having talent. However, there is one Aggie that sticks out by

taking his talent to the next level. This Aggie is respected across the campus for his melodic voice and his

music. His name is Christian Perry but on campus he is known by his stage name “Tedo.” Tedo is a junior

Journalism & Mass Communications student with a concentration in Mass Media Production. Even

though he has now developed a fan base in Greensboro and other surrounding areas, Tedo’s story

began in Rocky Mount, North Carolina which is a part of the “Two-Five.”

Tedo comes from a family of gifted singers. As a child, he would sing with his mother to various gospel

songs. It was around the age of fifteen when he would notice he had a gift. “I noticed I could really sing

after watching YouTube videos on vocal exercises. That’s when I was forced to actually hear myself,”

said Tedo. He heard songs that his friends recorded, which inspired him to start creating music of his

own. “I had a decision to make. Either I was going to hate, which is easy to do, or I was going to record

music and do my own thing,” said Tedo. He wrote his own lyrics and recorded music in his room. Though

his family were gifted singers, they never created their own music, which makes Tedo stick out. By the

time he entered into his freshman year of college, Tedo already had some of his classmates connecting

to his music.

Tedo’s favorite genres include Rap, R&B, Gospel, and Jazz. He believes Gospel is the foundation of all

music. He says Drake was and still remains to be a big inspiration to him. He also recalls listening to

artists such as Ludacris, Justin Bieber, and Mary J. Blige. These days, he finds inspiration when listening

to Bryson Tiller, Jasmine Sullivan, Frank Ocean, and Lil Uzi. He finds motivation being captivated by

scenery when walking around campus. Music isn’t Tedo’s only focus. He also exercises his creativity

through photography and videography in his free time. In addition, Tedo is very athletic. He likes to

exercise, play basketball, and go bowling as well.

The current project that Tedo is promoting is titled “20 Years Deep.” The project came into creation

after he recorded the track “114 to 314.” At the time, Tedo knew he wanted to reach his full potential. “I

want to be the best I can be,” said Tedo when describing how he felt at that period of time. The three

songs, which became the foundation of this project are: “Dare To Be Different”, “Comfort Zone” and

“Thirst Traps.” These songs gave Tedo a goal to reach. He knew he wanted his music to sound more

mature and honest. He really desires for his fans to connect to his music.

On his musical journey, Tedo has learned a lot, not only about music, but about his life as well. He

aspires to be the best at what he does and he works day and night to reach that goal. Tedo is aware that

academics are also just as important. He serves as a Resident Assistant in Aggie Villages. He utilizes his

skills in videography by creating videos for various campus events. It’s safe to say that Tedo is truly living

the ‘College Music Life.’

Follow Tedo on social media where he regularly updates his followers on his music @singtedo on

Instagram and Twitter.


“20 Years Deep” can be found on Spinrilla, Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. deep


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