Tink – Winter’s Diary 4


By: Chantel Chung

Tink is back! If you haven’t heard of Tink yet, take this as a formal introduction. Just

one year after being the most talked about upcoming artist, Tink is back with her new mixtape.

At twenty-one years old, recording artist and Timbaland’s protégé showcases her talent by

writing genuinely soulful songs, which balance her skills as an R&B singer and a rapper.

Trinity Home, also known as Tink, grew up around music. Her mother was a choir singer

and her father was a pianist and guitarist. Since the age of sixteen, she made a name for herself

by releasing seven mixtapes, including 2016’s Winter's Diary 4.

While we anticipate her debut album ‘Think Tink’, the Chicago native just-released

Winter’s Diary 4. The new mixtape, is the fourth installment of the Winter’s Diary series. The 15

track project features one feature from Chicago rapper Lil Durk and production from the likes of

Timbaland, Cookin Soul, 1500 or Nothin, Jahlil Beats and more.

She displays her dynamic talent by transitioning from her beautiful vocals to rapping

poetics bars. On the intro song, “Lime Light,” Tink begins Winter’s Diary 4 with a therapy

session, “Uhm, this therapy session is very important for both me and my client. What I'm gonna

need from you, Tink, I'm gonna need you to just elaborate and open up a little bit more.”

Using an imaginary therapy session, Tink displays equal talent in her rapping and singing

skills. She touches on topics that are painfully familiar for everyone in her age group. She uses

her songwriting to repair bent and broken relationships. Tink also discusses the pressure of her

growing frame and dealing with trifling boys. Winter Diary’s 4 is a sensual, sexy, and

encouraging mixtape. Tink has a tasteful way of talking about love, which makes you want to be

able to experience it—something that is missing from most R&B songs today.

Here are some of my favorite tracks

Tink – All Falls Down

On this track, Tink speaks about being in a relationship with someone and trusting the

person to be there for you through the lows and highs. It’s a song that anyone can relate to.

Everyone wants to have that one person they know they can trust.

Tink – “Show It”

“Show It” is a sultry slow jam with a 90’s vibe. The sound is reminiscent of a song by

Ginuwine or Aaliyah. Tink is really expressing her feelings in this track. She wants her

significant other to show up and prove himself. She says, “I need a little more proof from you,

your sides gotten way too quiet. Actions speak louder, show it, show it, show it.”

Tink – “What Is Real”

“What Is Real” is a smooth R&B track with powerful lyrics. Tink asks the question,

What is Real Love? She discusses an authentic topic, and her lyrics are something that everyone

can connect to. Most people desire love but do not truly understand the definition of it.

Tink – “Blood Sweat & Tears”

“Blood Sweat Tears” is the last track on Winter’s Diary 4. Tink showcases her

spectacular rapping skills. This track will make you feel like you can conquer anything, and it

brings everything on the mixtape full circle.

Overall, the mixtape is exceptional, and Tink is in her element. Although it is a mixtape,

it definitely sounds like it could have been an album. Tink is displaying more layers of herself

and helping her listeners relate and heal with her.

116 recommended
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