Denzel Keys Interview

By Dominique Moody, score editor Dual athlete Denzel Keyes played both football and basketball up until his senior year, and was a starter on both. He is coming off of an impressive season with 42 receptions, 461 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns. He led the team with receptions his final season, and will finish his collegiate […]

DO’S & DONT’S for the Career Fair

A large part of investing in your career is allowing others to view your skills for your most desired profession. One of the best ways to display them is through the spring career fair. I have a provided a list of suggestions below to help you better prepare for the structure of the career fair. […]

Toxic Masculinity

By Tishawna Williams, online editor Women deal with sexism and misogyny on a daily basis. From strangers who think they can tell you when to smile to songs we hear on the radio. No matter if you are gay or straight, the world is a tough place for a woman. Thus, one thing must be […]

Breaking News: Armed Robbery on Campus

By Jazmin Gathers Two suspects have been arrested in connection to an armed robbery in January that took place in Aggie Suites parking lot. In a joint effort between the North Carolina A&T State University Police Department (UPD) and the Greensboro Police Department (GPD), two suspects were arrested. The suspects were charged and transported to […]

It’s Our Right to March

By Alexis Wray, Register Contributor Turmoil, confusion, misfortunes, policies, and labels are all subject to bring about a united people who stand together despite adversity to seek the change they want to see in the world. Most of us would call these individuals protesters, but I call them revolutionaries. The First Amendment of the Constitution states […]

Aggies for the Heart

By Zila Sancez, Register Contributor If you walked past the campus health center recently, you may have noticed the “Go Red” banner outside. On Friday Feb. 10, it was crowded with people sporting the color of the month to bring heart health awareness to A&T. To help bring the event come to life, the health center partnered with many […]

Dissecting Big Sean’s ‘I Decided’ album

By Patrick Battle Big Sean released his forth studio album ‘I Decided’ just over a week ago. The album was released digitally to avoid being leaked. Sean Don is already exceeding expectations. Although it was expected to sell 120,000 copies its first week, I Decided actually sold 156,000 copies. It features Jeremih, Eminem, Jhené Aiko, The […]

Black Masculinity: Then and Now

By KeAsiah McLaughlin, Register Contributor The concept of Black masculinity sets the standard for how people view Black men in our society today. In addition to this, that same concept causes Black men to act upon certain stereotypes and beliefs that impact their behavior and decisions. Black masculinity has evolved over time, and our society and […]

There’s Something in the Water

By Allison Gilmore, Register Contributor Two weeks ago, the UNC VS Notre Dame game was moved to Sunday, February 5th, which may have seemed exciting for the locals, but turned out to be for more menacing reasons than they thought. There was something in the water in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro are, and no, I do not mean […]