The Quad: New Series about fictional Georgia HBCU


By Quenci Bradley, Register Contributor

There are over 100 historically black colleges and universities in the U.S. Many were created through the American Civil War, which are primarily made up of African-American students and educators. Add to the HBCU family the fictional Georgia A&M University, home of the loved Marching Mountain Cats band in BET’s new and energetic series, The Quad.

The Quad is an American television drama that airs on BET. The Quad was created by Felicia D. Henderson, Charles Holland, and Rob Hardy and it takes viewers inside the culture of Georgia A&M University.

The Quad stars Anika Noni Rose as the newly elected president Dr. Eva Fletcher. She has her hands full with managing the HBCU and the entering freshman class.

While handling the load of responsibilities and also maintaining a messy life, her rebellious daughter Sydney Fletcher (Jazz Raycole) tries to make her mark on campus. She is upcoming rap artist that leads the first-year students along with the school’s first white starting quarterback Bojohn Folsom (Jake Allyn).

The first two episodes have created suspicion and confusion to make their viewers anticipated for more. Mrs. Fletcher has created allies such History department dean Ella Grace and Art Diamond, the ruthless head of Georgia A&M’s prestigious marching band.

The Quad has serious topics on the series. The university setting allows for several scenes that portrays the current state of the African-American life in the U.S. Of course, the overall tone is not always serious, with a pileup of plot twist that include things from freshman hazing to underage drinking to blackmail to murder. That has all been within the first two episodes!

The Quad educates the viewers by plotlines such as the constant barrage of sexism aimed at Eva, or the social class differences that show between the street-tough Cedric (Peyton Alex Smith) and his “blue blood roommate.

Episode Three will premiere on February 15 at 10 p.m.

The Quad premiers every Wednesday, 10 p.m. ET/PT (BET)

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