VIRGINS: The Last of a Dying Breed


Daija Walton-Jackson

In today’s generation, it seems to be an “I may be young, but I’m ready” kind of world. It’s normal to run into people who are sexually active, but how likely are you to meet a virgin? Well, I’m here to tell you that WE STILL EXIST. But why? The most common answer is due to religious purposes, but waiting differs for everyone. Virgins are becoming more extinct the older we become.

Despite the myths and stereotypes about us, the only way you can tell whether someone is a virgin is by asking We live in an era where phone sex, sending nudes and foreplay exist, which can easily manipulate a person into thinking that someone is “about that life.” But once it’s time to get down to the real thing, the words “I’m a virgin” may leave you feeling as if you’ve been finessed.

In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed the average age Americans lose their virginities is 17 for both men and women. Virgins make up 12.3% of females and 14.3% of males ages 20 to 24. This shows how virgins are in the minority and that men and women aren’t too far apart on virginity rates. If this is correct, then what’s the reason for it?

When you ask non-virgins why they believe that virgins are holding on to their virginities, they often say “they’re scared it will hurt,” “unsure,” or “they’re waiting on the right person.” Being a female who hasn’t lost her virginity yet, I can attest that none of these reasons are why I’m holding on. I personally haven’t lost my virginity yet due to believing that sex complicates things. I wouldn’t allow sex to control my relationship, but I feel it can get in the way of love.

Some women haven’t had sex yet due to the lack of interest. It’s no longer about perfect place, perfect time or making sure someone is special. It’s about popping it open for a real one and becoming the freak you’ve been dying to be. It’s become more acceptable to have sex outside of marriage, so some people do not understand the purpose of remaining a virgin. For me, it’s about being masculine. It’s not socially accepted for men to be virgins because it’s seen as being lame, but the few who remain are usually okay with their choice.

One thing I noticed through social media is that virgins are either heavily desired or “played out.” Some men find it to be a respectable quality in a woman and then there are others that don’t find it alluring at all. Some men may be intrigued by your innocence, so they’ll work to earn it, whether it’s for the right reasons or not.

The bottom line is: virgins have been and are continuing to be outnumbered by the sexually active. If you have the will-power to stay dedicated to your personal beliefs or religion, then more power to you. However, if you decide you’re ready, then by all means do what’s in your best interest and be SAFE. When it comes to sex in the new millennium, the hunt is on… but who’s on the prowl? The experienced or the rookies? I’ll let you decide who the prey is.

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