Why Do Black Men Bash Black Women?


As of late, I’ve seen a public discourse occurring between black women and black men. It’s becoming incredibly clear that ‘skin folk ain’t kinfolk’ and I feel like there are some key reasons why.

One of the things that always seems to be a jab at black women is something that doesn’t even have to be: compliments to non-black women. Black Twitter’s favorite compliment to a white girl is ‘you making black girls go out of style.’ They also love to grab any non-black woman with some curvature and treasure her in sentiments of ‘black girls got some competition now.’

So Black women need to be shook because Becky got back? How does that even make sense? And when it comes to the preferences of men that want non-black women, the reasons are literally combative of black women just being, not uplifting the other women.

‘White girls freakier than black girls and don’t talk so much.’

Do you understand that not one time did you uplift white girls in any way, you just used them to try and ‘one up’ us? But when we go to say black men shame black women the hardest, it’s ‘nobody was even talking about yall’ or ‘black women be so mad for no reason.’ I’m pretty sure that your preference for Latina women because they’re ‘hot headed’ and talking about how black women always have attitudes, has everything to do with me as a Black woman, and it’s hurtful.

Most of the time, black men are using stereotypes of black women to try and shame us against the stereotypes they’re using of other women.

You trying to put me against another woman in the name of ‘it’s just what I like’ is a lie and a weak lie at that.

In none of these statements was anyone complimented; black women were insulted, the non-black women were tokenized, and you just look like a jerk. It’s more than evident that there are black women who date, fall in love, and procreate with non-black men.

It is also evident that there are black women who slander black men. However, it is rare for black men to be ridiculed with the guise of uplifting or preferring non-black men. We, more often than not, defend our love for black men, even though a large majority don’t give nearly the same amount of love and support to us.

Most of the time, black women go the hardest for the support and love of all black men and their dealings. Black women are usually the ones to check non-black women who try to tokenize and fetish black men. Black women are always encouraging black men to love themselves as opposed to being used as a trinket for sex, wealth, or athleticism.

If you prefer non-black women, then that’s fine. Love who you love – but do not bash black women under the lie that it’s complimenting your preferences. Love black women or leave us alone.

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