T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle

By Chyrée Counts

T.I. and Tiny are getting a divorce but they have decided to show their new lives as a separated couple and parents.

The final season of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle aired earlier this month showing fans how the Harris family is adjusting to the new changes. Tiny and four of her children have moved out of the home that she shared with her estranged husband while T.I. is renovating the old home and the children stay with him on weekends.

With the new changes, both parents are spending quality time with their children during this separation. On the first episode, T.I. picked up his daughter Deyjah from school and made sure to discuss her grades and sexuality. From the expressions on Deyjah’s face, she was uncomfortable, but T.I. does not want to miss anything while they are maturing. Tiny has also questioned her son’s Major and King about their love lives.

The separation between T.I. and Tiny can be complicated for their children sometimes. T.I. and Tiny’s oldest daughter, Zonnique, was arrested last June for possessing a weapon while passing through security at the airport. Zonnique had an idea to have her mugshot on shirts and hoodies to promote her EP. She consulted both of her parents about this idea to see what they thought and how they felt about it.

Zonnique said, “One of the toughest parts of my parents’ separation is getting advice. Of course they both have a different opinions.” Tiny thought this would be a great idea but T.I. disagreed. Although she was put in the middle between choosing which parent was right, she had to make the decision for herself. She decided to put her mugshots on the merchandise.

The separation has given both T.I. and Tiny a new perspective on life. T.I. is ready for a new beginning and Tiny believes she can be a full-time mother while still pursuing her dreams. They are both focusing on putting aside their differences and keeping the family together.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle premieres every Monday at 9 pm on Vh1.