Makeup Trends Changing The World by: Kiara Hill


Social media has been the showcase for all of the hottest trends. As time goes on, people of the internet world are getting more and more creative with their minds and using that creativity to curate new trends. They are taking makeup and nails to a totally different level.


Eyebrows have gone from the basic fill in with a brow pencil or pomade to squiggly and blinging brows. Guess we thought we had the game down pact.


The squiggle brow was credited to have come from beauty blogger, Promise Tamang, on her Instagram page.


“I am always experimenting and trying different makeup looks on my social pages,” Tamang told HuffPost. “It was done for fun to show my followers something new.”


You can create this look by grabbing some PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glue to flatten the brow hairs to go in one direction, concealer to cover some points of the brow, and setting and pressed powder for those stragglers.


Another popular trend is the “blinging eyebrows”. You can create this look by purchasing diamond sequins or do like MUA, therealAG on Twitter, go over and beyond and grab some brow diamond chains. Her followers want her to create a YouTube video to show them just how it’s done.


An additional trend would be hair nails. Dain Yoon, an illusion artist, created the interesting look where she painted little faces and added actual strands of hair onto her nails.


“I had in mind painting on my nails from last year because nails are part of my body, it also can be my canvas,” Yoon stated.


Reverse wing eyeliner is also a pretty interesting trend. This look was created by the makeup artist (MUA), Dahlia, the owner of @dahliacreates, on Instagram, with the caption “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do the opposite.” There’s one way you can complete this look. Simply create the same wing you would do on the left side of your eye and reverse it to the right.



MUA’s around campus feel differently about the new beauty trends that are coming out.


“Regarding to the makeup trends such as squiggly lines and the inverted wing,  first I feel like makeup is an art. So, people create different looks to show their creativity,” says MUA, Economics student, Zhateya Jones. “These trends do transform the beauty community and allow it to expand and enhance and maybe change the old faithful makeup routines.”


“People may look at it and think wow that’s ugly but it’s a just way of trying new things and expressing yourself. It’s not a look that you would do every day, it’s more of an editorial look,” expressed MUA, Fashion Merchandising, and Design student, Deshia Hudgins.


Deshia mentions the new Fenty Beauty Collection, created by the singer Rihanna, which is trending all over the world. She created the makeup line for all shades of beauty, including all skin colors from around the world. Individuals are ecstatic about the new line of makeup because it includes all skin colors. It has been controversy about how makeup lines don’t support all skin types and colors, and Rihanna took this on as her project to change that viewpoint.


Deshia is super excited to try the collection. “I love that makeup is finally being made for black girls and our beautiful skin tones.”


Because the world is growing ever so effortless, this means our generation will be coming up with more creative juices. Our minds go beyond our limited expectations. We turn “just because” situations into fun reality and use them as opportunities to be in the spotlight and gain recognition.

Beauty is something creative and magical. Trends are what keep us on our toes and our minds boggling all the time. When it comes to beauty, women always want to be beautiful and will follow the beauty and fashion trends to keep it that way.


To connect with MUA Zhateya Jones, you can email her at and follow her twitter @muatey1.


To connect with MUA Deshia Hudgins, you can follow her on Twitter @90sGoldHoesssss.




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