District 39 resturant on the way by: Arlette Hawkins


Only graduating four months ago, recent alum, Noyah King, did not wait for the ink to dry on her diploma before making her dreams a reality.

Though King earned her degree in Criminal Justice, her entrepreneurial and leadership qualities have always been present throughout her undergraduate career.

District 39 restaurants are geared to open next Fall in Charlotte and Greensboro.

From being the founder and owner of Queen In You to studying abroad, King has capitalized on her experience while at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

What was initially just a joke, while abroad with her good friend Sharoyal, became the blueprint for District 39.

“Sharoyal and I travelled all across Europe together including Spain, Germany, and Egypt. We decided to create an idea of our own that showcased how we dined while traveling. It was only once we really began to expand on our initial idea that District 39 and all of its components really came to life,” said King.

“I plan to use my background in PR and marketing to really put D39 on the map and form business relationships with like-minded young professionals and students,” said Sharoyal Brown, University of North Carolina at Greensboro alum.

Thirty-nine is the area code of Italy. The idea of District 39 is, “a community focused and based restaurant, bar, and lounge that aims to connect people to network, eat, and socialize in a intimate and social typesetting.”

The establishment is meant to be everything from where students can get grab-and-go meals to where business partners and entrepreneurs can network and mingle. King will strive to meet everyone’s dietary needs at District 39 by offering options that are vegetarian, vegan, non-pork, and pescatarian, in addition to the American and Italian cuisines guest crave upon entering.

“We want to give back to the community in any way possible by providing the local college students with jobs, utilizing local talent by researching and hiring top chefs in the area, hosting weekly community events and catering operating as well as private and public events being facilitated by Confetti, our event planning staff.” King said.

The aura of the restaurant is designed to be modern and suitable for the diverse audience District 39 attracts.

“Instead of family style dining and high tables, District 39 prides itself in utilizing couches, low-top tables, and the bar area to connect people to socialize while they enjoy their meal and or cocktail,” said King.

Noyah King is the epitome of the notion that your heart, more so than your degree, determines your future endeavours. Through many internships and opportunities to hone her talents, King felt equipped to mold her business.

King has been offered graduate school opportunities but plans to work in Washington, D.C. where she does event planning and accounting. Around this time next year, King plans to host two pop-up shops in Charlotte and Greensboro in an effort to invite investors and future customers into her vision of District 39.

Besides branding District 39 to be the hot-spot in the triad, Brown plans to go to graduate school for psychology with aspirations for opening her own clinic to improve mental health in the black community.

For more information on District 39, follow @District39Eats on Twitter.

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