Former editor makes headlines in Austin


Not only was Jana Shaw 2016-2017 editor-in-chief for The A&T Register, but she was also the first editor of the Culture section. Check out below as we catch up with Shaw:

Why did you decide to major in journalism in college?

Shaw: “I am a writer. Telling stories is my jam. As a kid I told stories through fiction, plays, poems and Barbies. As a college student I decided to tell stories through 500-750 word articles.”

Last year was the first official year of the Culture section. Why did you decide to create and become the first editor of this section? 

Shaw: The “Culture” was important to me because art needed a voice. I wanted there to be a section just for artists and businesses. The rappers, singers, poets, designers. It was tradition for the EIC to be the Yard editor but I am not a fan of hard news. I’m too emotional, opinionated and passionate. So why not edit my baby- the Culture. Feature stories are my favorite, and I’m proud to have offered a safe space for artist recognition.

What have you been up to since graduating college? 

Shaw: I am a Junior Account Strategist at the PR/Social/Strategy/Creative agency- Praytell. I mostly do Community Management, but I also do PR for Devils Backbone Brewery and Tito’s Vodka. My life revolves around tech and booze.

What advice would you give to current college students about the postgraduate world? 

Shaw: My best advice is to be a sponge and a hand raiser- especially with internships. Let people know that you’re willing to learn and work. I think it’s important to be honest with yourself. If you’re not happy in your field- leave. Degrees offer so much more than the obvious and always remember you don’t have to have it all together and planned- I didn’t. I took the risk of moving for a great three-month opportunity, and it turned into a career. Take risks, be true to you and bet on yourself. I’m happy and I love what I do because I, for once, followed my own advice.

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