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Jaikeim Mosley-Williams was raised in Bertie County, North Carolina where hard work was instilled in him by his parents and grandfather at a young age.

As he got older, football became a huge factor in helping to foster discipline as well.

“In Bertie, you have to know the meaning of hard work. You gotta bust your butt to get out,” said Mosley-Williams.

Growing up, his life was mostly consumed by football. He started playing at the age of 5, and not soon after, football became his main focus. During his teenage years, he was a star athlete on the field.

During his senior year of high school, Mosley-Williams was recruited by North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University to play football. However, music was always a constant thought in his mind when he was young.

When Mosley-Williams was 7 years old, he became interested in DJing. His mother, uncle, and grandfather were all DJ’s. Mosley-Williams recalled his younger self trying to scratch on a turntable that was too tall for him to reach.

When his family came into the room, he took off running in fear of getting into trouble. He ended up cutting his eye on the edge of the table and had to get stitches at the hospital.

“When I came home, my grandaddy cut off every sharp edge and made them round,” Mosley-Williams said.

When his family asked him why he was running, he explained that he wanted to know more about being a DJ. From that point on, his family taught him all about the DJ culture.  Mosley-Williams started out using vinyl records.

“My grandfather used to make me carry around crates of records. I’m talking about coffin sized crates with two rows of records,” he said. When venues did not have elevators, he had to carry the crates up the steps by himself.

Mosley-Williams had his first solo gig at 13 years old. “I got booed so badly because I was playing what I wanted to hear. It didn’t take me long to understand that you gotta play what everybody wants to hear,” he said.

Mosley-Williams credits this experience as it helped him towards his tenacity of becoming a DJ.

Mosley-Williams has performed at talent shows, proms, pep rallies, and even a gospel block party.

He is now contracted with several universities in North Carolina. He also had his own radio mix show with WNAA 90.1 after winning a DJ competition.

Most recently, he appeared in an event during N.C. A&T’s annual Welcome Week where he won a DJing battle.

Moseley-Williams credits all his talent and success to God. “I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for God. I promise you that,” he said.

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