Keep Searching By: Krystal L. Hall



You will find someone… eventually,

Someone you can be with sequentially.

You will find someone… seriously,

Someone who will attract you mentally.

You will find someone… unintentionally,

Someone who will grasp you mesmerically.

You will find someone… blessedly,

And they’ll make you feel oh so heavenly.

You will find someone with chemistry,

Who will lead you straight to ecstasy.

You will find someone to love you endlessly,

And never show an ounce of jealously.

You will find someone who will not be insensible,

But will show you true empathy.

You will find someone sweet as a melody,

Rocking you to sleep instrumentally.

You will find someone to love you exceptionally,

Without it being unquestionably.

You will find someone to be with you confidentially,

And never have to worry about perplexity.

All I’m truly saying is… keep searching.

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