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How to Secure an Internship


By Dericka Stinchcomb Contributor   Attaining a college degree opens numerous doors of opportunity. However, a degree alone is not enough to make employers hire job seekers. When employers are looking to hire new employees they search for potential employ... More »

The Importance of Being Involved in College


By Dericka Stinchcomb Contributor   From the time students begin their university careers they are taught to focus on their grades. Although grades are extremely important, it is also important for students to be involved on their respective campuses. Bei... More »

Managing jobs and school


By Shelby Graham Contributor Many full-time college students find it hard to balance their academic and work schedules. At times, some are left to choose one or the other. As college students, we deal with enough stress from the work load provided by our profe... More »

Courtesy of Yum Yum/Facebook

Yum Yum building condemned after SUV hits it


By Chyrrée Counts & A’Kiva Rooks Contributors Yum Yum Better Ice Cream, a hub for hot dogs and ice cream on the UNCG campus, has been condemned due to an accident. However, the owners have are planning to reopen in the future. Upon attempting to exit the p... More »