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The OG of Rock ‘n’ Roll


By Alexis Wray In a world constantly divided by skin color, at times there is really only one thing that can bring them together: music. Music can allow a person to look at the world differently while being entertained at the same time, and if any musician had... More »

The Reality Of Catfish: The TV Show


By London Thompson, contributor & Tishawna Williams, online editor Before the show catfish aired on MTV, there wasn’t really a name for being tricked into falling in love with a stranger online. The show was an instant hit because it examined the relations... More »

Mr & Miss A&T Campaign


By Brandon Wade, contributor Here, at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Student Government Association elections have graced the campus once again. Two of the open elected positions are Mister and Miss North Carolina A&T State Uni... More »

Drake and the OVO Firm finally release ‘More Life’


Drake released ‘More Life’ this past Saturday on March 18th. The playlist premiered at 6pm on OVO Sound Radio which operates through Apple Music. The playlist contains a total of 22 songs with a variety of features. These features include London (UK) rappers S... More »

Dissecting Big Sean’s ‘I Decided’ album


By Patrick Battle Big Sean released his forth studio album ‘I Decided’ just over a week ago. The album was released digitally to avoid being leaked. Sean Don is already exceeding expectations. Although it was expected to sell 120,000 copies its first week, I D... More »

The Quad: New Series about fictional Georgia HBCU


By Quenci Bradley, Register Contributor There are over 100 historically black colleges and universities in the U.S. Many were created through the American Civil War, which are primarily made up of African-American students and educators. Add to the HBCU family... More »



Article by Robert Sneed Childish Gambino, or better known now as Donald Glover, has had a tremendous year so far. He recently wrapped up production on his hit production “Atlanta” that premiered on FX. The rapper/actor has now been rumored to have another proj... More »


Kid Cudi Album in the works?


By Hakeem Shabazz-Norris Contributor 2016 is the year of great music. With music coming from every corner and sounding as beautiful as ever, you would be ready for one of the most influential people in music to release the next big thing. Earlier this year, Ki... More »