6 tips for new parents going back to school

By Breeana Draper Going back to school after having a child can be rewarding but very exhausting. Earning your college degree can ensure that you and your child have a bright future. It gets challenging along the way, so here are a few tips to help you through it: 1. Don’t feel guilty: Studying and […]

What is the Body positive movement? Kierra Blckmon

By Kierra Blackmon “The problem isn’t with your body; the problem is what you think of it … And what you think of yourself.” The body positive movement is inspiring people to embrace and adopt more positive attitudes towards their bodies. This involves accepting your body the way it is to be free of harmful […]

Why Do Black Men Bash Black Women?

As of late, I’ve seen a public discourse occurring between black women and black men. It’s becoming incredibly clear that ‘skin folk ain’t kinfolk’ and I feel like there are some key reasons why. One of the things that always seems to be a jab at black women is something that doesn’t even have to […]

Trump Jumps the Gun

By Allison Gilmore   On Thursday, April 6th, President Donald Trump ordered for 59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles to be launched at a Syrian airbase. This was performed in response to the chemical warfare that has been unleashed upon innocent men, women, and children. Trump sees this proactive response as heroic, but he does not realize he […]

Blacks and Mental Health: Why We Suffer in Silence

The topic of mental health has become a hot button issue in our country. Even with growing social awareness, there is still a strong stigma about the legitimacy of mental illness. This stigma is most prevalent in the African-American community. As someone who has battled depression and anxiety since the age of fourteen, I believe […]

Sex strike 101- The two C’s rare to mesh

By Akiva Rooks Celibacy is often deemed a foreign language in college. That word just never seems to fit the portrait that college frames. For most students, this is the perfect place to discover ones sexuality; especially if you haven’t already done so before this point. But it is this very stigma that drowns out […]

Does the “Oreo” Stereotype Really Exist?

By Brittany Van Pelt, contributor There stereotypes in our society associated with different racial groups. These images are most commonly portrayed through the media. African-Americans are often portrayed as volatile thugs for men or abrasively angry for women. However, one stereotype that is often omitted from media portrayal and acknowledgement is the “Oreo” stereotype. Per merriam-webster.com, […]

Non-black POC can be anti-black too

Zila Sanchez A shocking video of a man battering a black woman at a beauty store has recently surfaced the internet sparking outrage from people all over the country. In the video, a black woman can be seen beaten to the ground over what was thought to be a stolen bag. Contrary to what some […]

Toxic Maculinity

By Tishawna Williams, online editor Women deal with sexism and misogyny on a daily basis. From strangers who think they can tell you when to smile to songs we hear on the radio. No matter if you are gay or straight, the world is a tough place for a woman. Thus, one thing must be […]

It’s Our Right to March

By Alexis Wray, Register Contributor Turmoil, confusion, misfortunes, policies, and labels are all subject to bring about a united people who stand together despite adversity to seek the change they want to see in the world. Most of us would call these individuals protesters, but I call them revolutionaries. The First Amendment of the Constitution states […]