Interview with Willie Grimes Family

By Tishawna Williams, online editor and Jana Shaw, editor and chief On May 20, 1969 20-year-old Willie Grimes was killed in the crossfire of the 1969 Uprising. Grimes was a sophomore at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Grimes was not the only student shot but was the uprising’s only casualty. Grimes’ killing is […]

Shooting At Pride Hall

By Dante Miller, Yard Editor Twenty-five-year-old, Vic Kimeko James, was found with a gun shot wound in a car in front of Pride Hall on April 20 around 11:30 pm to midnight. According to Captain Nathanial Davis, there were two women involved – one was a student and the other was not – and they […]

The Fight for Unalienable Rights

By Brittany Van Pelt, Register Reporter North Carolina’s Republican lawmakers introduced a bill this week that would outlaw same-sex marriage in the state. The proposed House Bill 780 (The Uphold of Marriage Act) would restore the state’s constitution on gay marriage before it was overturned federally by Supreme Court in 2015. House Speaker Tim Moore said that […]

Reserves Housing Troubles

By Chyrée Counts and Akiva’ Rooks The Reserve Greensboro, student apartments for University of North Carolina at Greensboro and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University, has had an issue with their hot water for almost a week. N.C. A&T students Akiva’ Rooks, Shentil Martin, and Charisma Shields were the only residents who were affected with […]

HB2 vs. HB142: What’s the difference?

By Brittany Van Pelt, Contributor House Bill 142, which was signed into law late last month by Governor Roy Cooper, repealed North Carolina’s controversial House Bill Two law. Yet, many have been asking if the law really holds significant change. HB2 * Required transgender people to use the restroom that corresponds to the sex on their […]

DO’S & DONT’S for the Career Fair

A large part of investing in your career is allowing others to view your skills for your most desired profession. One of the best ways to display them is through the spring career fair. I have a provided a list of suggestions below to help you better prepare for the structure of the career fair. […]

Breaking News: Armed Robbery on Campus

By Jazmin Gathers Two suspects have been arrested in connection to an armed robbery in January that took place in Aggie Suites parking lot. In a joint effort between the North Carolina A&T State University Police Department (UPD) and the Greensboro Police Department (GPD), two suspects were arrested. The suspects were charged and transported to […]

Aggies for the Heart

By Zila Sancez, Register Contributor If you walked past the campus health center recently, you may have noticed the “Go Red” banner outside. On Friday Feb. 10, it was crowded with people sporting the color of the month to bring heart health awareness to A&T. To help bring the event come to life, the health center partnered with many […]

There’s Something in the Water

By Allison Gilmore, Register Contributor Two weeks ago, the UNC VS Notre Dame game was moved to Sunday, February 5th, which may have seemed exciting for the locals, but turned out to be for more menacing reasons than they thought. There was something in the water in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro are, and no, I do not mean […]

Hope at Inauguration

By Jazmin Gathers The inauguration of President Trump sparked conversation all across the country, especially at historically black colleges and universities. The marching band of Talladega College, an HBCU in Alabama, played in the inauguration parade Friday afternoon along with Grammy award winning artist Chrisette Michele who sang during the inauguration as well. While many HBCU […]