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Tink – Winter’s Diary 4

By: Chantel Chung

Tink is back! If you haven’t heard of Tink yet, take this as a formal introduction. Just

one year after being the most talked about upcoming artist, Tink is back with her new mixtape.

At twenty-one years old, recording artist and Timbaland’s protégé showcases her talent by

writing genuinely soulful songs, which balance her skills as an R&B singer and a rapper.

Trinity Home, also known as Tink, grew up around music. Her mother was a choir singer

and her father was a pianist and guitarist. Since the age of sixteen, she made a name for herself

by releasing seven mixtapes, including 2016’s Winter's Diary 4.

While we anticipate her debut album ‘Think Tink’, the Chicago native just-released

Winter’s Diary 4. The new mixtape, is the fourth installment of the Winter’s Diary series. The 15

track project features one feature from Chicago rapper Lil Durk and production from the likes of

Timbaland, Cookin Soul, 1500 or Nothin, Jahlil Beats and more.

She displays her dynamic talent by transitioning from her beautiful vocals to rapping

poetics bars. On the intro song, “Lime Light,” Tink begins Winter’s Diary 4 with a therapy

session, “Uhm, this therapy session is very important for both me and my client. What I'm gonna

need from you, Tink, I'm gonna need you to just elaborate and open up a little bit more.”

Using an imaginary therapy session, Tink displays equal talent in her rapping and singing

skills. She touches on topics that are painfully familiar for everyone in her age group. She uses

her songwriting to repair bent and broken relationships. Tink also discusses the pressure of her

growing frame and dealing with trifling boys. Winter Diary’s 4 is a sensual, sexy, and

encouraging mixtape. Tink has a tasteful way of talking about love, which makes you want to be

able to experience it—something that is missing from most R&B songs today.

Here are some of my favorite tracks

Tink – All Falls Down

On this track, Tink speaks about being in a relationship with someone and trusting the

person to be there for you through the lows and highs. It’s a song that anyone can relate to.

Everyone wants to have that one person they know they can trust.

Tink – “Show It”

“Show It” is a sultry slow jam with a 90’s vibe. The sound is reminiscent of a song by

Ginuwine or Aaliyah. Tink is really expressing her feelings in this track. She wants her

significant other to show up and prove himself. She says, “I need a little more proof from you,

your sides gotten way too quiet. Actions speak louder, show it, show it, show it.”

Tink – “What Is Real”

“What Is Real” is a smooth R&B track with powerful lyrics. Tink asks the question,

What is Real Love? She discusses an authentic topic, and her lyrics are something that everyone

can connect to. Most people desire love but do not truly understand the definition of it.

Tink – “Blood Sweat & Tears”

“Blood Sweat Tears” is the last track on Winter’s Diary 4. Tink showcases her

spectacular rapping skills. This track will make you feel like you can conquer anything, and it

brings everything on the mixtape full circle.

Overall, the mixtape is exceptional, and Tink is in her element. Although it is a mixtape,

it definitely sounds like it could have been an album. Tink is displaying more layers of herself

and helping her listeners relate and heal with her.

Mental Health in the Black Community

By: Jazmine Devone

“According to the Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, African Americans are

20% more likely to experience serious mental health problems than the general population.

Common mental health disorders among African Americans include: Major depression [and]

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)” according to National Alliance on Mental


Being aware of our mental health in the black community is critical yet overlooked too often. “I

think the lack of representation comes from disparities in the availability and affordability of

mental health services in primarily African-American demographic areas. Also, there could be an

underlying cultural notion that discourages or in some way dismisses sufferers of mental illness,”

said Elizabeth M. Taylor, senior psychology student and President of Active Minds.

“It turns out that black men in general do not get treatment for mental illness at the same rate as

other sufferers, though their rates of mental illness are just as high,” according to John Donvan of

National Public Radio. This was brought to public attention after Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s recent

diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Surprisingly, Jackson was ashamed of his illness and kept it a

secret for a while before finally seeking treatment.

Why be ashamed of something you cannot control? It is important for African Americans – male

or female – to visit a physician regularly to maintain good health and remain familiar with their

bodies. Although depression is the most common form of mental illness in African Americans,

others still do exist.

For example, there are speculations that birth vaccinations were giving black children Autism

Spectrum Disorder. “I know there are certain drugs/ medicines that can have terrible side effects

and children can be born with Autism. I feel like that’s a horrible speculation, and I hope it’s not

true because if it is then that’s somewhat similar to the Tuskegee experiment. Doctors are not

supposed to give medicine of any kind without consent. That is why it is very important for

mothers to research and understand what vaccines the doctor is trying to give her and her child,”

said Taylor.

What was the Tuskegee experiment? The study initially involved 600 black men – 399 with

syphilis, 201 who did not have the disease. The study was conducted without the benefit of

patients' informed consent. Researchers told the men they were being treated for "bad blood," a

local term used to describe several ailments, including syphilis, anemia, and fatigue. In truth,

they did not receive the proper treatment needed to cure their illness according to Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention.

Awareness of your health in general is pivotal. According to Health and Human Services Office

of Minority Health, African Americans are 20% more likely to experience serious mental health

problems than the general population. Common mental health disorders among African

Americans include: Major depression, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), suicide

(among young African American men), and Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), because

According to National Alliance on Mental Health Illness, African Americans are also more likely

to commit violent crimes.

It is important for African Americans to be knowledgeable of these historical and current events

regarding mental health.

For more information on mental health check out the Suicide Awareness event on Sept. 21 st

outside of Williams Dining Hall from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. hosted by Active Minds.


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The Story Behind Tedo And His Inspiration

By: Patrick Battle


There are many Aggies who are known for having talent. However, there is one Aggie that sticks out by

taking his talent to the next level. This Aggie is respected across the campus for his melodic voice and his

music. His name is Christian Perry but on campus he is known by his stage name “Tedo.” Tedo is a junior

Journalism & Mass Communications student with a concentration in Mass Media Production. Even

though he has now developed a fan base in Greensboro and other surrounding areas, Tedo’s story

began in Rocky Mount, North Carolina which is a part of the “Two-Five.”

Tedo comes from a family of gifted singers. As a child, he would sing with his mother to various gospel

songs. It was around the age of fifteen when he would notice he had a gift. “I noticed I could really sing

after watching YouTube videos on vocal exercises. That’s when I was forced to actually hear myself,”

said Tedo. He heard songs that his friends recorded, which inspired him to start creating music of his

own. “I had a decision to make. Either I was going to hate, which is easy to do, or I was going to record

music and do my own thing,” said Tedo. He wrote his own lyrics and recorded music in his room. Though

his family were gifted singers, they never created their own music, which makes Tedo stick out. By the

time he entered into his freshman year of college, Tedo already had some of his classmates connecting

to his music.

Tedo’s favorite genres include Rap, R&B, Gospel, and Jazz. He believes Gospel is the foundation of all

music. He says Drake was and still remains to be a big inspiration to him. He also recalls listening to

artists such as Ludacris, Justin Bieber, and Mary J. Blige. These days, he finds inspiration when listening

to Bryson Tiller, Jasmine Sullivan, Frank Ocean, and Lil Uzi. He finds motivation being captivated by

scenery when walking around campus. Music isn’t Tedo’s only focus. He also exercises his creativity

through photography and videography in his free time. In addition, Tedo is very athletic. He likes to

exercise, play basketball, and go bowling as well.

The current project that Tedo is promoting is titled “20 Years Deep.” The project came into creation

after he recorded the track “114 to 314.” At the time, Tedo knew he wanted to reach his full potential. “I

want to be the best I can be,” said Tedo when describing how he felt at that period of time. The three

songs, which became the foundation of this project are: “Dare To Be Different”, “Comfort Zone” and

“Thirst Traps.” These songs gave Tedo a goal to reach. He knew he wanted his music to sound more

mature and honest. He really desires for his fans to connect to his music.

On his musical journey, Tedo has learned a lot, not only about music, but about his life as well. He

aspires to be the best at what he does and he works day and night to reach that goal. Tedo is aware that

academics are also just as important. He serves as a Resident Assistant in Aggie Villages. He utilizes his

skills in videography by creating videos for various campus events. It’s safe to say that Tedo is truly living

the ‘College Music Life.’

Follow Tedo on social media where he regularly updates his followers on his music @singtedo on

Instagram and Twitter.


“20 Years Deep” can be found on Spinrilla, Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. deep


📹 @singtedo

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The “Perfect” Body: Video Model vs. Fitness Expert

By: Jazmine Devone

What’s the difference between the image of a video model and a fitness expert? For years, the role of a

video model has been shamed. From the scarce clothing they wear to their curvy figures. However, gym

experts are praised and regarded highly for their physique which is similar yet different.

It is understandable why the video model parades around on camera with little to no clothing for

money, but the gym experts often pose for social media with sports bras and spandex shorts in hopes

for publicity. “A few stereotypical views I receive are stuck-up, raunchy, and snobby,” said Maya Kinlaw

(Miyani Scott), a video model residing in Georgia.”

While some video models are accused of cosmetic surgery, Maya hasn’t had any. “It’s not beneficial, nor

healthy. It could boost one’s state of mind psychologically,” said Hermene Westmoreland about

cosmetic surgery, Aggie Fit program coordinator.”

The Aggie Fit program is for students, faculty, and staff. The program’s purpose is weight loss, building

confidence, behavior choices and reducing stress. Health is the goal, not image. The program currently

has two sessions Monday through Thursday, 2:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. “I’m all about people improving

their whole-self inside and out,” said Westmoreland.

On Monday the focus is strength, Tuesday is cardio, Wednesday is focused on education, and Thursday

is dedicated to stretching and flexibility. Both roles, video model and fitness expert, usually include

individuals with impeccable figures. However, body shaming often occurs.

It is more common for full figured women to receive hate comments for displaying self-love than

women who are thin. For example, Teyana Taylor’s recent debut in rapper Kanye West’s music video

“Fade,” sparked excitement in the fitness world. Taylor’s incomparable physique caused women

worldwide to create a new “body goal.”

Referring to Westmoreland’s previous comments regarding health as the goal. Why is body image the

goal rather than health? Society’s expectation of women plays an extraordinary role in the way women

perceive themselves.

Today, images in the media project an unrealistic and even dangerous standard of feminine beauty that

can have a powerful influence on the way women view themselves. From the perspective of the mass

media, thinness is idealized and expected for women to be considered "attractive."

In advertisements, television, and music, the "ideal woman" is usually portrayed as tall, white, and thin

with a "tubular" body, and blonde hair, according to Westminster College’s the Myriad.

For most teens, video models are a part of the “ideal” body image. Unrealistic body goals lead these

young women to the gym in hopes of achieving this outrageous body for all of the wrong reasons.

“Mass media's use of such unrealistic models sends an implicit message that in order for a woman to be

considered beautiful, she must be unhealthy. The mindset that a person can never be "too rich or too

thin" is all too prevalent in society, and it makes it difficult for females to achieve any level of

contentment with their physical appearance.

Help to bridge the gap and establish health as the objective. For more information concerning “the

healthy image,” contact Hermene Westmoreland at or visit her in

the Sebastian Health Center.

The Boys Are Back! A&T defeats St. Augustine 62-0

The 2015 Celebration Bowl champions, are back and better than ever as they slaughtered the

Falcons of Saint Augustine’s 62-0 on Saturday (09/03).

This is the first meeting between the two teams since 1935. The Aggies lead the series 2-0- 1.

The Falcons returned with 22 student-athletes from last year’s squad. Top returners on offense

are wide receiver/returner Michael Allen, fullback Justin Shaw, quarterback D.J. Johnson,

lineman Donald Brinkley and placekicker/punter Sean Smith. Key defensive stalwarts are

defensive back Darius Cole, defensive ends Darius Goodman, Chris Roberts and Chasz Cosby,

and linebackers Trey King and Terry Warren.

The Aggies enter the season nationally ranked for the first time in more than a decade. The

Aggies are 25th in the NCAA FCS Coaches Poll and the STATS FCS Media Top 25 Poll. They

are one of the favorite teams to win the MEAC championship for the third year straight after

completing one of the best seasons in school history. In the inaugural Celebration Bowl, the

Aggies defeated Alcorn State 41-34 to win the HBCU Championship. They finished 10-2 overall,

which was their first 10-win season in 12 years.

The Aggies’ finest point of the game was their passing ability. Sophomore starting quarterback,

Lamar Raynard, connected on 17 of his 21 passes for 170 yards and two touchdowns.

Sophomore backup, Kylil Carter, was 5-for- 7 for 70 yards and a touchdown while senior

Oluwafemi Bamiro threw his first career touchdown pass, an 8-yarder to Deshaun McFadden.

Coach Rod Broadway saw his team score 40 or more points against a Division II opponent for

the fourth straight time. In the 2015 season opener against SAU cross-town rivals, Shaw

University, the Aggies came away with a 61-7 win.

This was not only a memorable game for the Aggies but also for running back, Tarik Cohen,

who broke yet another school record. Cohen rushed for 44 yards and two touchdowns on eight

carries. His two touchdowns gave him 42 for his career, getting past Stoney Polite’s 41 for the

new school record. Cohen has 40 rushing touchdowns and two receiving touchdowns in his


“I feel like I got enough touches,” said Cohen. “I had two touchdowns. I know the team wants to

have me for the rest of the season, so we don’t want any stupid injuries getting in the way of


In fact, the Falcons turned the ball over on each of their first two possessions. Junior Joshua

Patrick caused the first mishap by blitzing SAU quarterback Darryl Johnson from the outside.

Patrick rushed the passer unblocked, sacked Johnson, and forced the ball out of his hands.

Sophomore Julius Reynolds fell on it at the SAU 18-yard line. Three plays later, Cohen sprinted

through a huge hole to score the Aggies first touchdown.


By: Janay Boone

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Maxie B’s – The Sweet Review

One look at the tiny dessert parlor known as Maxie B’s in Garden Square may have you thinking you’re

buying furniture instead of a slice of heaven. Then again, you may be questioning your intuition to stay in

line for 10 to 15 minutes for a brief taste of fulfillment.

Let me tell you now. It. Is. Worth. It.

That’s right, you’re probably salivating while reading this right now. But wait, before you start to drool

all over this mighty fine newspaper, let’s discuss the mouthwatering pastries that will have you ready to

wait in line for an hour to get a taste of paradise.

Seasonal Selections – It’s such a drag to not have these goodies available year-round but let’s dive



Strawberry Shortcake – For all you strawberry fans out there, this 2-layer cake filled with freshly picked

strawberries will have you dancing around in circles to figure out why it took you so long to find this

place. Don’t forget the Whipped Cream!

Red, White, and Blueberry Cake – Simple and plain with a twist. Gooey happiness. This marvelous

invention is stacked 2-layers high, made with not only blueberries, but strawberries, oh did I mention,

Whipped Crème.

Are you salivating yet? Guess what. We’re just getting started. ~

Fruity Cakes – Fruit and Cake. Need I say more?

Banana Pudding Cake – Who said Banana Pudding can’t go into a cake. Cream cheese, fresh bananas

and those delicious Nillas. Respect the classics, because this is arguably one of the best treats.

Hummingbird– One might question why would I eat hummingbird cake, but after the first bite, you’ll

find the reason why. Bananas, Pineapple, and pecans. Not your ordinary mix, but it takes the cake. Can’t

forget about that cream cheese frosting.

Sour Cream Coconut Cake – For all you Coconut fans out there. Settle down, they made one for you too.

This nut cake is made with 3 layers of coconut flavored cake, filled with coconut filling oozing out the

pockets of pure deliciousness.

Apple Cake – Most people fight over the last slice of apple pie – simmer down—Maxie B’s came up with

a solution: Apple Cake. All the ingredients needed for joy to take place. Choose between cinnamon cream

cheese or caramel cheese icing.

Raspberry Lady Cake – Raspberry isn’t your daily fruit, and with good reason: it belongs in cake – as a

jam that is. With layers of cream cheese, coated with daily fresh-made raspberry jam. It’s to die for, but

not really, but yes really.

~ If you’ve made it this far without ruining a good shirt, I applaud your will-power. ~

Chocolate Cakes – Layers and Layers of Chocolate. In this section, we’re going on a chocolate trip

through on our favorite chocolate chips.

Chocolate Sin Cake – They made a cake about sinning…then pleading to repent after you eat this

massive chocolaty goodness. Velvety, seamless chocolate, almond icing – all that combined in one. Why

wouldn’t this make you confess all of your sins to a priest?

Oreo Cake – All Oreo fans, they have you covered in all aspects. Your inner child will be gushing out to

rip this cake to shreds. They put Oreos in a cake, lathered it with layers of chocolate, and it provides slight

ecstasy in your mouth.

Devil’s Food Cake – You might as well get ready for a night full of prayer. Not one, not two, but three

layers of chocolate cake, with double chocolate frosting on top. My mouth is drooling right now, and so

should yours.

~ Hang in there, we’re wrapping up. I gotta admit: teasing is fun. ~

Cupcakes – If you’re truly excited as I am right now, you’ve tried one of these itsy-bitsy bites of


Regular Cupcakes, Filled Cupcakes, Artisan Cupcakes, Decorated Cupcakes, Mini Cupcakes,

Jumbo Cupcakes, essentially they have any cupcake you can think of.

Honorable Mentions – We wanted to take the time out to give a shout-out to all the fan favorites. We

didn’t forget about you.

Five Favor Pound Cake

-Cream Cheese Pound Cake

-Etta Lea’s Chocolate Pound Cake

-Caramel Cake

-Brown Stone Front Cake


By: Dominique Moody

(Photos owned by Maxie B’s.)

Get the Scoop on “Don’t Breathe” (2016)


Don’t you miss the days when Hollywood released a movie that truly left you on the edge of your seat?Well luckily you’re in for a treat with Fede (Feed) Alvarez’s newest gripping thriller, Don’t Breathe. This 21 st – century white-knuckle thriller is sure to leave you “holding your breath” – simply by watching the trailer.

Fortunately, the trailer doesn’t even begin to crack the surface about what’s in store for three young delinquents as they break into the house of a wealthy, retired veteran who happens to be blind. Set in the eerie, abandoned outskirts of Detroit, Don’t Breathe puts you right into the driver’s seat in this classic, old-fashioned American thriller. Within 20 minutes, the film perfectly lures you inside the house without a too-slow or too-fast buildup.

Along with the mounting anticipation of what’s bound to unfold, the music alone provides a tasteful and oddly satisfying angst from start to finish. From smooth and creative camera pans to scenes in total blackness, with unforeseen plot twists hiding around every corner of the house, this thrill ride doesn’t follow the typical Hollywood plot cliches that we’re all becoming desensitized to in scary films.

Director Fede (Feed) Alvarez chose to stick to the basics with this film, using smart camera angles, a good story line and downright good acting to tell the story – finding no use for unnecessary CGI effects or unrealistic plot events that pretty much compose most horror films of today. While this film probably won’t go down in history as one of the best ever, it may be one of the best thrillers of 2016. It’s sure to make a good fit for a night at the movies, and won’t leave you disappointed.

We here at College Entertainment Network gives this film 8 out of 10 scoops.