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Article By: Dominique Faison and Brodrick Williams

Cuffing season: What is it all about?
Article By: Dominique Faison and Brodrick Williams

Cuffing season is a clever made up saying that many millennial use in reference to getting in a relationship or dating during the fall and winter months. Cuffing season is the season to get tied down to something real. “Cuffing season begins around homecoming and runs until spring break,” said Jasmine Smith, a sophomore education student. During the winter months, people do not go out to clubs, bars, or different events like they would do in other months. While many people feel like it is pointless to build something with someone and then throw it away, some people agree with the concept of cuffing season. Every year people take to social media looking for someone to spend the highly anticipated season with. The popular phrase “shoot your shot” is in full effect once the season approaches. “Cuffing season is just a time to take cute pictures for social media, and do relationship stuff,” Smith later added. Social media plays a huge role is the way cuffing season is structured. Those who participate in the festivities say they know what to expect from the other person before they involve feelings. For many students at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, relationships are a thing of the past. Some people want to be loved during the colder season as they crank up the heat and wait for the summer to roll back around. A schedule of dates that make up cuffing season is published to Twitter to remind those who are still looking for a significant other that there is still time to find someone. “If you can make it to Valentine’s day then your cuffing season was a success,” said Suzie Winters, a freshman at NCA&T. Cuffing season is similar to a professional sports season. Before any season starts, coaches scout the field for potential players in hopes that they would be a good fit for the team. After a scout is found, the team must then draft the scout before making the scout tryout for the team. If fortunate enough to make the team, the scout is then added to the roster and plays the desired position for the team they were drafted to. In terms of cuffing season, the scout has a little more say in what happens during their season. The scout during cuffing season is only as good as the team they decide to be a part of. Cuffing season is that time where people allow their true colors to show as they pursue someone. While many of the situations that arise during cuffing season don’t last long, people still keep hope alive as they soul search. A word of advice for those who are participating in this year’s cuffing season: find someone who supports your dreams year round! Good luck and have a safe cuffing season!