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Top five reasons to choose an online education


Returning to school requires a lot of decision making. Choosing a degree to pursue, lining up finances and picking a university that will give you the proper training and knowledge you'll need to turn that degree into a career can make those decisions very ... More »

The dos and don’ts of an effective resume


(ARA) - In today's highly competitive job market, millions of people are preparing resumes in an effort to find employment. Before jumping headlong into a job search, it is important to consider the type of information that is appropriate to include on your... More »

Getting ready for your ‘second act’


Many Americans dream of starting their own small business. A lot of these dreams are simply that, but anything from an unexpected layoff to finally gathering the necessary business training can lead people to finally transform their ideas from wishes into r... More »

How to accumulate new career skills


How many jobs do you expect to have had by the time you retire? While people from previous generations may have expected to change jobs only a handful of times, switching jobs frequently - and oftentimes switching careers - has become commonplace for today'... More »