20 Questions


1. How many times did you eat on Thanksgiving Day?

2. How many of us had to work on Thanksgiving Day?

3. Did you take home more dirty clothes than clean ones?

4. Did you take all the “Tupperware” tryin’ to bring back leftovers?

5. Did any member of your family “show off” and embarrass you this Thanksgiving?

6. Why is the heat so high in Crosby Hall?

7. What is so hard about turning off your pager and cell phone before you go to class?

8. Why is it that the person whose phone is really ringing always looks around like it’s not them?

9. Hasn’t “Kinko’s” become your best friend this semester?

10. Does the staff know you by name whenever you come in? Can you say ” Open 24 Hours”?

11. We know we’re kinda late on this one but…how could they close the movie theater at Four Seasons mall?

12. Whatever happened to the “Bike Cops”?

13. Why were they forever tryin’ to “roll up” on people in cars, (like they could really catch them if they drove off)?

14. Why does the “Aggie Den” always have a new “procedure” every time you go in there to get your food?

15. Why do “promoters” always wanna stick their flyers on your car?

16. How many times have those same flyers gotten stuck on your windshield whenever it rained? How many times have you been ready to fight these cats ’cause you still can’t get it off?

17. Maybe it’s just us….but don’t we miss Club Sensations just a lil’?

18. Why does that man who works in the “College Pantry” always look so mean? How many of us get what we came for and leave quickly? Can you say, “Don’t play around in the C.P.”?

19. Don’t we all agree that Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t hear these songs played on the radio: 1. “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway2. “Silent Night” by the Temptations (of course)3. “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by the Jackson Five

20. Which of these things would you like for Santa to bring you?1. Book money for next semester2. A new roommate3. A vacant spot in that “closed” class that you really need4. A valid parking sticker (so you can stop parking in the cut)5. Those last few hours you need to graduate

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