SGA race for internal and external affairs may be tight

With a few days before elections, the race for the vice presidential offices of internal and external affairs is heating up.Vice president of external affairs hopefuls Brian Holder and Karen Fairey and vice president of internal affairs hopefuls Paulette Foster and Jose Barros have their chance to share with the student body why they should be in these executive positions.The race for vice president of external affairs is a two-party race, but it’s no doubt the most interesting. Brian “Barbados” Holder and Karen Fairey are running for this position that is probably more important than even the president. One of these two would be responsible for making this campus fun again.Holder may not have any fancy fliers plastered around campus but one thing that he has is a lot of heart and surprise. “Barbados” doesn’t want to talk a good game, but live it.”I want my actions to speak for themselves,” he said. The only thing Holder wants mentioned is that the students know what to expect with him.”Everyone knows I’m wild and crazy,” he says. “So they know whatever I plan will be fun.” On the opposite end of the spectrum,candidate Fairey’s focus is about healing the rift between the student body and the SGA and to give back to the surrounding community. As far as community issues are concerned, if elected, Fairey would have programs such as highway cleanup, Big Brother/Big Sister mentoring and programs that would help the elderly. “We need to give back,” said Fairey. “A&T started with the community, and now we’re kind of separated from the community.”The race for vice president of internal affairs is another two-candidate battle. Paulette Foster and Jose V. Barros (who could not be contacted for an interview at press time), are the two that are gunning to improve university relations internally.Foster has very lofty expectations for her position and her platform. She wants to increase student involvement in the senate and increase the participation of the senate on campus. “I want to motivate the senate to become more involved with residential districts and to take an active role in keeping students more knowledgeable in SGA,” Foster said. Foster also believes in getting back to fundamentals: the student constitution. Foster believes that reliance on the constitution would increase the knowledge of the workings of the university and help cure the confusion of roles of the SGA as a whole. “If you are knowledgeable of the constitution, you would understand checks and balances and procedures and protocol of the SGA,” Foster said.Another tight race that has been brewing in the last few weeks is that for the office of Miss A&T. Melissa Slade and Brook Myatt are the two women that feel strongly about what they could bring to the students and the university if elected.Slade’s campaign is all about “continuing the quest for Aggie success.” One way to accomplish this goal is her plan to cater to the student body with her “student first policy.” Slade feels that it takes communication to make this policy work and the says that the lines of communication on this campus needs to improve. “Communication between the student body and SGA as well as SGA and administration needs to be more open,” she said. Myatt was interviewed in last week’s edition.Elections are March 27 in the Student Union from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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