You’ll feel better with yoga

Though it’s not a new craze, yoga is certainly becoming more common at local gyms, YMCAs and other fitness facilities throughout the Triad.Many people are looking at yoga as a means to relieve the stressfulness of their lives and to also improve their physical well-being. Cindy Ramsey is the fitness and wellness director, as well as, yoga instructor, for Central YMCA at the corner of West Market and Tate streets. She has been an aerobics instructor for 19 years and yoga instructor for four years. In her three years with the YMCAs of the Triad she has seen a boost in yoga throughout the region.”The age range for my classes are from 13 to about 70 something. We will also be starting a children’s yoga class in May,” said Ramsey.Ramsey explained how yoga can improve one’s health and also provide a way to deal with the stress of life.”Yoga is a mind and body connection. It also improves flexibility and other components that many people often times neglect,” said Ramsey, “also the length and strength of the body.”Unlike other exercise techniques, yoga involves several types of systematic breathing routines.There are many benefits to practicing yoga other than its calming effects on one’s mind and body.Yoga also has an effect on the nervous system. One’s nerves become stimulated by the compression and extension of muscles and in return allow a fresh supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to be released throughout the body.I know what you’re thinking. When will I start seeing results?”After only one session (you can see the difference) due to the breathing techniques and the calming of the body. You become one with you senses,” said Ramsey.And as far as words of advice…”Be in the moment, be present. When not thinking about what you are doing it is possible to injure yourself or let stress into your life,” added Ramsey.The goals of practicing yoga are:* Deep breathing, which is the key to longer life* Achieving a union of body, mind and spirit* Stilling the mind* Achieving liberation* Relieving suffering of all kind.

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