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Five male weight loss myths

(ARA) – For many men, starting a weight loss regimen may seem unnecessary and cumbersome. If you’re like a lot of guys, you may be thinking that losing weight is a matter of staying active, and watching what you eat is more work than it’s worth.


Style and function: key elements of today’s kitchen

(ARA) – When your family comes home at the end of the day – from school, work, a play date or extracurricular activities – it’s very likely the first thing they do is dump whatever they’re carrying on the kitchen table or counter and grab a glass for a drink.

Looking for a lucrative, secure future? Consider a career with numbers

(ARA) – Ask an elementary or high school student what they want to do when they grow up and rarely do you hear the answer “accountant.” But increasingly it seems that the very profession that conjures visuals of the comic character “Dilbert” and his colleagues is one that offers staying power and opportunities for growth, given the right training and education.

Medicare and power chairs: the effects of the health reform act

Power wheelchairs are unique medical devices that bring independence to thousands of senior citizens each and every day. However, Medicare power chairs have made the news recently not because of their mobility-enhancing capabilities, but rather as a major player in the recently signed health reform bill, or more specifically, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


Ideas for easy and quick room updates

(ARA) – The relaxed pace of summer allows the perfect opportunity for home improvement updates. You can make your favorite room stand out with some simple ideas that take less than a day to complete from start to finish.

Expert health tips for loving dog parents

(ARA) – How Americans view the family pet has evolved over the years. Today, people are not content to merely be pet owners; instead they consider themselves to be “pet parents.” The joy and unconditional love that pets bring have catapulted them into the realm of true family member and people are willing to do whatever it takes to provide their pets with the best.


Five important facts about heartworm

(ARA) – With warm weather here, pets as well as people are spending more time outdoors. But is your pet protected from one of the most common – and deadly – diseases?


Six easy tips for healthy summer living

(ARA) – Summer brings with it abundant sunshine, fresh foods and fun activities which is why the season inspires many people to be happy and healthy. With a few simple tips, you too can refresh your lifestyle and feel your very best.