On April 12, 2017 the JOMC department, New Student Programs, and WNAA 90.1 hosted a plethora of events featuring the 20+ year music industry veteran, Shanti Das. The day began with the WNAA Radio Takeover where Ms. Das answered questions about her own journey to live callers. She spoke about how she worked with artists like Outkast, Toni Braxton, and Usher, doing the marketing for their early albums, and she gave tips on how to climb the ladder of success in the entertainment industry whether you are a man or a woman.

Next, students further took advantage of Shanti’s wisdom at the “Richard E. Moore Lecture” where Ms. Das better explained her journey, gave networking and entrepreneurship tips, as well as some motivation to the students. Quotes like “Be so great that they can’t deny you” and “Be intentional with what you post”, due to the rise in the way employers check social media sites were just a few things that stuck with the students.

Approximately 6 NC A&T students including on-campus artists, JOMC students, and engineers participated in a lunch with Shanti sponsored by The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). The lunch was an intimate setting that allowed students to ask specific questions geared towards their personal careers and interests. She also viewed a recording of a cypher featuring several on-campus artists and set to the tune of “Soul Food” by Goodie Mob. Das worked with Goodie Mob during their success with this song, and the nostalgia mixed with the freshness of NCA&T artists made the video enjoyable for Shanti.

The day did not end there! Ms. Das then hosted her College Chatroom for the students in ACB 109. Approximately 60 students were in attendance. The event was composed of a Q&A where students sat sit face-to-face with Ms. Das and asked their questions. Shanti even gave students the chance to conduct their own elevator pitches through role playing sessions and participating students won $25 Visa Gift Cards, and copies of her book “The Hip Hop Professional 2.0”.

Now NC A&T couldn’t have an event geared towards helping aspiring artists without artists displaying their talent, right? Das had the privilege of seeing NC A&T students Tedo, Gab. E, Mr. Yuck, Bijan, and Sire each feature a 3-min original acapella piece. Immediately after each performance, Shanti gave the performers constructive feedback to help them better themselves for the industry. She even awarded one of her very own ‘Hip-Hop Professional’ hoodies to a student. Overall, the event was very beneficial for the campus community, and we look forward to more ways to engage in the entertainment industry in the future!

-Denver Regine Lark

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