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Antique Love Notions is a Greensboro-based, environmentally friendly company that produces all natural soy candles, body scrubs, soaps, and custom creations upon request.  Founded by Jovane Hairston, a junior social work student and friend Jazzmin W. Johnson, a senior mass communications student, in February of 2017.

Antique Love Notions has recently gained impeccable popularity not only in Greensboro but along the East coast.

Antique Love Notions began with the creation of the all natural soy candles.

For only $8, these candles do not give off carcinogens when burned and no colors are used for that reason.

The candles come in a variety of scents such as simple smells like vanilla, and lavender, extravagant scents such as island gyal and egyptian amber, and seasonal aromas like pumpkin and apple spice.

Antique Love Notions has recently introduced all natural body scrub exfoliators. These scrubs are sugar scrubs made with coconut oil and can be used for the full body.

Currently there are only three scrubs available for purchase, melanin, lavender and island gyal, but are more are projected to be released in the future.

“Our all natural body scrubs are sugar scrubs but we add in the coconut oil,”  said  Johnson, co-owner of Antique Love Notions.

“For example, for our lavender body scrub, we added in bits and pieces of lavender just to give it a natural look along with the scent. They all leave your skin feeling nice and moisturized.

Two sample scrubs are only $1 and six wax melts, which are scented wax without the wick, are only $3.

“I actually like the smell of candles, so I definitely think I would love some that are made from natural ingredients. It is something new to try I guess,” said Jordan Britt, a North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State Alum.

Not only are the body scrubs becoming a big hit for Hairston and Johnson, but also their shea butter bar soaps.

The soaps include all natural coconut oil for moisture and the scents are similar to their candles.

“I normally only use one type of soap but I am definitely interested in trying these,” said Tiara Polite, sophomore public relations student.  “Like it’s always good to support new businesses. I think they have something amazing beginning here.”

In the future, Antique Love Notions hopes to begin a feminine wash line in hopes to educate women on the products that are healthy and unhealthy for their bodies.

Antique Love Notions is currently having adeal.

When a customer buys a candle and it burns out, they can send the tin can back to the company and they will refill it with a scrub of your choice for only $2.

In addition to the services already provided, Antique Love Notions offers custom made products as well.

For more information on Antique Love Notions, contact them on Instagram @antiquelovenotions or Facebook @ Antique Love Notions.

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