Union Captures the Nation with First Novel by Sierra Fryson


Actress Gabrielle Union released her first novel, “We’re going to Need More Wine” on Oct. 17, 2017.

The book is based on Union’s life and how she overcame many traumatic situations. She shares stories with her audience that are funny, complicated and true.

While Union’s fans rushed to grab copies of her book, many began to wonder what inspired her to write it.

The actress posted a video to her Twitter account explaining some of the reasons behind her first published work.

“The real reason guys is because I was tired of feeling alone,” Union explained in her video. “I was tired of feeling like I was screaming into a hurricane and no one could hear me.”

Union, a Nebraska native, started her acting career while attending college at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA).

Her first acting appearances were in the movies “10 Things I Hate About You” and “She’s All That.”

She has also starred in “Bring It On” and “Daddy’s Little Girls.” In 2013, she scored her first leading role in the BET’s drama series “Being Mary Jane.”

Her character, Mary Jane Paul, goes through many trials and tribulations such as juggling her job and social life.

Much like her character in “Being Mary Jane,” Union has gone through a traumatic incident in her life that has shaped the type of women she has become.

“I’ve been in therapy since 1992, Union said. “I was raped at gunpoint at a Payless Shoe Store and ever since I’ve just been trying to find my way.”

Even after being raped by a total stranger, she was still asked by a female friend what she wore that day.

Union has been an active and prominent activist in the fight for women’s reprodutive health and victims of sexual assault.

Union’s book can help teach a variety of lessons. This includes some sad and amazing relationship stories, her relationship with her husband Dwyane Wade, personal stories on her rape and breast cancer, a Prince antidote and her thoughts about her blackness.

“You can’t make society understand what it feels like in these situations because people are always going to have a negative eye towards it, especially if you’re a woman,”  said  Sydney Williams, sophomore multimedia journalism student.

“People tend to feel compassion for the man that committed the act rather than the woman who suffered from it.”

Union hopes her stories and experiences touch those who have been in similar situations.

She dedicated this book to those who have felt broken, frozen in fear and shame, who have kept smiling when their throats were closing up, and to people who thought they had all the answers.

Her book is an iota of truth and a token to show that even though she is a well-known actress, she is still human first.

We’re going to Need More Wine” is avaible in all national bookstores and online as well. The novel varies in price, but starter price is $17.99.

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